Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Amy" Mixed Media Collage

Meet "Amy"! This is a mixed media collage on a 5 x 7" stretched canvas. The central image is from the Collage Stuff "Angel Faces" collage sheet. It started out as a black and white image. I used acrylic paints thinned with clear glazing medium to add color to the image. I can't paint, but I can color with a paintbrush - kind of like painting by numbers, when you think about it. There is a piece of a vintage phone book in the background. I used the new Studio paints by Claudine Helmuth - Painterly Pink and Studio Tan. I really like these paints. You can thin them way down with water and they still retain the color. I used a variety of stamps with a brown Brilliance ink. The finishing touch is the floral trim. I painted over the trim with the Studio Tan thinned down to a watery consistency. It dims the bright white of the trim.

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