Thursday, May 31, 2012

At the Collage Stuff Yahoo Group, there is an ongoing monthly 4x4 page swap.  This is page that I created for my June page.  I used images from Collage Stuff, Itkupilli's  Etsy shop and Tumble Fish Studios at  The brass embellishment, brass crown, postage stamps and German scrap keyhole are from Collage Stuff.  This is just pretty much cut and paste.  I did a little digital imaging - changing colors, and putting the woman's face in the mirror.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beauty Chunky ATC

This chunky ATC is titled "Beauty".  The woman image on this ATC is my all time favorite woman image.  She can be found on the Collage Stuff "Fabulous Faces" collage sheet.  I used images from Collage Stuff, Itkupilli on Etsy, Studio Tangie at and Tumble Fish Studios at  The wood block, spool feet, resin flower embellishments, German scrap and brass charms are available at Collage Stuff.  I'm offering some of my chunky ATCs for sale at Collage Stuff!  Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paris Chunky ATC

I'm still making chunky ATCs.  This isn't much different than making regular ATCs.  It's just that the design goes down on a wood block.  I used some new "feet" that I got in stock at Collage Stuff.  I find these much more stable and sturdy than the dice I've used previously.  The dice do add a nice touch of whimsy, but make the chunky ATC sort of unstable.  I used images from Collage Stuff, Tumblefish Studio at and from Crow About Studio B at  The embellishments are from Collage Stuff.  The wood block is from Collage Stuff.  I took probably 50 photos to try to get some that looked like the real ATC in person and none of them are quite right.  It's much more vibrant and clear in person.  Try your hand at a chunky ATC!  At the Collage Stuff Yahoo Group, there is a chunky ATC swap going on.  There's plenty of time to participate!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wish on a Fish Chunky ATC

I'm still having fun creating chunky ATCs!  I used images from Tumble Fish Studio, Crow About Studio B and Holliewood Studios ( website) and from Studio Tangie ( website).  The embellishments, Victorian scrap fish, Tim Holtz alpha parts and wood block are from Collage Stuff.  On the mermaid side at the bottom I added some Golden Gold Mica Flakes (small) to approximate sand.  Thanks for stopping by and try a chunky ATC if you haven't already!  It's fun!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The second chunky ATC sample

This is the second chunky ATC that I've created.  I love making these!  I used images/embellishments/German scrap from Collage Stuff, images from the following stores at the website: Crow About Studio B, Tumblefish Studio, Hidden Vintage Studio and Holliewood Studios and images from the website from Studio Tangie.  That's out of the way now!  I began by painting my wood block from Collage Stuff with metallic peridot paint.  After that it was a matter of gluing down the images and embellishments with gel medium.  I sealed the paper with gel medium before gluing down the embellishments. The curio knob at the top is cool, but it makes this chunky ATC a little top heavy.  I painted the Tim Holtz alpha part number "2" with the same green paint.  I like dice for feet, but you could use just about anything - wooden spools, beads, whatever.  There is a chunky ATC swap posted at the Collage Stuff Yahoo Group.  Swap details are in the files section and sign-ups take place in the database section.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Black, white and red ATC

The theme for the May ATC swap at Collage Stuff is "black, white and red".  This is my design.  I decided that I hadn't used any of the Collage Stuff Madonna images for a while, so time to use one!  The background is some vintage sheet music that I had scanned in.  I made sure it was black and white and increased the contrast on the image.  The red panel and the bursts are from the Nitty Gritty Kit (Tumble Fish Studio,  They were black and white.  I colored them red with a red sharpie.  I need to buy a couple of red Copic markers.  I highlighted them with a white gel pen.  It was fun to do.  The Madonna image is from the Collage Stuff "Madonna" collage sheet.  I used my The Crafter's Workshop mini zinnia template in the upper right corner.  First I outlined with a black Pitt pen and then I colored in with the red sharpie.  The "full of grace" words were created at the Acme Labelmaker Website.  I used a Collage Stuff black illustration board ATC blank and cut the sheet music image slightly smaller so that I'd have a black frame around the collage. I also used the white gel pen to highlight the woman image in a few places.  When the swap is complete, ATCs from each participant will be posted at the Collage Stuff Swaps page.  Be sure to check them out mid-June.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Completed Chunky ATC Sample

This is my completed chunky ATC sample!  I added charms to the sides with gel medium.  The feet were also added with gel medium.  I like to use dominoes for feet.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chunky ATC Sample

I decided that I wanted to offer my Collage Stuff customers high quality chunky ATC blanks.  Sooooo, I ordered in 2.5 x 3.5" wood blocks that are made by people that make rubber stamp wood mounts.  They are perfectly smooth and made from kiln dried maple.  Then I decided that I need to host a chunky ATC swap at the Collage Stuff yahoo group, but not before I made at least one sample.  This is the first sample. All of the images are from the Tumble Fish Studio "East Meets West" kit at  Yes you can use these images digitally or you can print them out and collage by hand.  I sized the images perfectly for my project and printed them out.  First I painted the wood block dark purple with some Making Memories paint I found in my stash.  I used Golden Gel Medium (matte) to glue down the background image first.  I constructed the collage on the wood block gluing everything down with the gel medium.  When I had the images all glued down, I sealed the collage with a coat of gel medium.  I attached all of the dimensional elements with the gel medium.  Before I glued down the images, I went around all of the edges with a suitably colored Copic marker so that no white edges show.  The large dragonfly was in my stash.  The small dragonfly is stocked at Collage Stuff.  The large bird charm, blue metal rose and the green resin blossoms are also available at Collage Stuff.  I haven't decided if I'm using red dice or some flatter bingo tiles for the feet.  The sides and the top have coordinating patterned papers attached.  I may add some charms to the sides, but I haven't really decided about that yet either. I'll post more photos when it's all done.  Anyway, I'm happy with this first chunky ATC and I hope it will inspire some group members to sign up for the Chunky ATC swap when I host it!  Thanks for stopping by!