Monday, December 20, 2010

December Skinny Book Page

I can hardly believe that I have my December skinny book done in December! I'm usually behind in my art committments. I couldn't find any mermaid images I really liked, so I ended up buying a mermaid tail collage sheet and adding my own top of the mermaid to the tail. It's not a great graphics editing feat, thank goodness! I've been worrying about doing this mermaid page for months. ACK! It's not a theme that I work with very often and I didn't have any mermaid images I really liked. I like the green page the best. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Completed Calendar Swap

Here's a slideshow of the completed calendar. I am short one photo - the first September page by Lori. As soon as I get this photo, I'll update the slide show.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wrapping up the 2011 calendar

This weekend, I'll be finishing up the Collage Stuff 2011 calendar swap. I previously posted a calendar cover. I did nine of those and couldn't do 4 more. I came up with this design for the remaining 4 covers. The background is a vintage dictionary page sprayed with some gold glitter spray and overstamped with a background stamp and blue ink. The waves are from the October Afternoon Seaside paper pack. The memorandum background and the bingo card are from a collage sheet I bought on Etsy. I changed the bingo card to say "2011" at the top and tweaked the blue color a bit.

The mermaid... I have to do a mermaid skinny book page this month too. I couldn't find any mermaids anywhere that I liked. I made my own. I bought a collage sheet of mermaid tails on Etsy and combined it with an image from my Starlets collage sheet. She's highlighted with a yellow Spica glitter pen. The white fish German scrap is also highlighted with the yellow Spica glitter pen. I used glue dots to glue down the Yellow Iris Shell Sequins. I colored the clear jewels at the bottom with a blue Copic marker.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another variation

I had to go to Hobby Lobby to pick up matboard and the scrapbook papers were on 1/2 off! Woo hoo! I picked up this sheet music paper and some pre-folded "note cards" for my Christmas cards. Here's another variation on this Christmas card design. The Christmas floral Victorian scrap used on this card is in stock at Collage Stuff. I switched from a red German heart scrap to gold as the red papers I used are a darker red than the bright red hearts. This is my preferred design. I don't send many Christmas cards, so it won't be hard to get a few of these done.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A variation

After I finished the card in the previous post, I stayed up later and worked on this one for a few minutes. It's the same basic design, changed up a little bit. I cut the girl out and glued her to a vintage German/English dictionary page and then glued the German scrap heart over that. I cut one of the new red medal German scrap pieces in two and glued one half right above the heart. The scroll stamping was done at the end as an after thought. It would look better doing this first.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Card Prototype

It's now 10:30pm and I have to be on a 7:20am flight in the morning for work. That means getting up at 4:00am or so. I told myself I would be asleep by now, but NOOOOoooooo! About an hour ago, I decided I'd check my front porch because the UPS people are sneaky. They leave packages late and don't knock on my door. I found a shipment of German scrap/Victorian scraps on my porch. I've been obsessing about Christmas cards - getting some easy ones done. Of course, I opened the box and started thinking about how I could use this stuff for Christmas cards (instead of sleeping !).

The Christmas floral scrap is new. It's on a sheet with 2 Santas. The red German scrap hearts have been in stock for a while. The girl is from the Bright Christmas collage sheet. The green paper is from the Making Memories Noel paper pack. The lace is the Collage Stuff red vintage lace. This is really easy. (Over the Thanksgiving holiday I watched some videos of other people's version of easy Christmas cards - not my version of easy!) I'm thinking of all sorts of ways to change it up - add stamping in the background, use some sheet music in the background, add some bling, add words, don't use the lace, use some German scrap borders or other ribbon etc. I put this together in less than 5 minutes after I got all the parts assembled and after the idea had gelled in my head. There are a lot of things I can do to jazz up this simple design. Maybe this will help you if you're like me, worrying about getting some easy Christmas cards done!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Skinny book page - Song of the Moonbeams

This is the back of the skinny book page. This one is called "Song of the Moonbeams." I'll hit the high points on how I created this. The background is a vintage dictionary page that been smudged with white paint, stamped with a scrolly stamp and then smudged with more paint and a little gold Glimmer Mist. I scanned in some old sheet music, sized it down, and printed it. I crumbled it up and rubbed Old Paper distess ink on it, and then ironed it flat. There's red patterned scrapbook papter at the top and bottom smudged with paint and stamped. The vintage vocabulary card was edged with the distress ink, stamped with the scrolly stamp and then part of the stamping was highlighted with a gold Spica glitter pen. I cut the flower from some old wide lace and applied Old Paper ink. I left the white lace white. The gold moon was smudged with white paint. The woman is from the Collage Stuff vintage image CD #1. I edged and highlighted her with a gold Spica glitter pen. The stars are confetti applied with rolled up glue dots. Another skinny book page done!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Postcard

A new postcard! I liked my "tiny dancer" design in the previous post, so I decided to create a new postcard loosely based on that design. Collage Stuff products used in this design include the Vintage Image CD#2 and Tiny Treasures Collage Sheet. This postcard will arrive in 2-3 weeks and will ship with Collage Stuff orders then.

November Skinny Book Page - Tiny Dancer

The theme for this skinny book is "Grungy and Rusty" and the person likes vintage, doors, windows and etc. I've been agonizing over how to do this - no ideas period. So here's what I've come up with for one side of the page. It's called "tiny dancer." This page is 4 x 8". The background is a vintage French/English dictionary page that has been dulled down with some white paint. I printed off the red stamps, metal tag, window and fairy/flower image from an old Melanie Sage image CD that I have. I put the stamps at the top and bottom. The stamps at the top are all covered up. I dulled down the red stamps with white paint. After I had the stamps glued down, I overstamped with a Tim Holtz scrolly stamp.
The images of the school children behind the dancer are from the Collage Stuff Vintage Image CD #2. This is my favorite image on the whole CD. It's something like a proof sheet from school kids getting their yearbook photos taken. The image itself was damaged and grungy when I bought it. I printed this image on a transparency and painted it white paint on the back. I used gold brads to attach it to the background.
I cut the window image to the right size and edged it with black ink. The dancer is from the Collage Stuff Tiny Treasures collage sheet. This is another one of my favorite images. I cut her out of her background and highlighted her with a gold Spica glitter pen. She was glued down on the window image. I glued down the window/dancer image so that I could have the dancer stand on the "metal" tag. I added the flower/fairy image for a touch of whimsy. I decided the dancer image needed somthing, so I inked up a text stamp with blank ink, stamped off on a piece of paper and then stamped on the dancer image. I wanted the words to show, but not to be really dark.
At the top, I started out with two of the "metal tags" and I decided I didn't like it. I went through my vocabulary cards and found this one that starts with "fairy tale." I edged it with black ink and glued it down. It was too plain, so I took some German scrap stars, cut them down and smudged them with white paint, and put them in the corner.
The words "tiny dancer" were created at the Acme label maker website.
I think this is sufficiently grungy. The green letters on the vocabulary card echo the green in the leaves in the flower/fairy image. There's a hint of red in the flower/fairy image to go with the red stamps.
Tomorrow I will work on the back of this page. Not a single idea yet for the back of the page. My muse is hiding from me.
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

September Calendar Page

I'm hosting a hand-made calendar swap at the Collage Stuff yahoo group and it appears that I'm going to need to conplete the month of September. Here's my design. The page is 4 x 6". I got the new Jenni Bowlin mini ATC bingo cards with the months in stock this week and I've been thinking about using them. This is the perfect opportunity. I also got the new Tim Holtz Mini Ornamental Mover and Shapers Die in stock this week too. It's the perfect size for a 4 x 6" project. The fairy and the roses are from the 7344 Victoian Scrap. I printed out the calendar from MS Word and sized it down smaller. I colored the calendar with a green Copic marker. I edged the page with a bronze Copic marker. I added three little jewels above the bingo card. This is a sinple design with just a lot of cutting and pasting. Twelve more to go!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

October ATC Swap 2.0

I decided that my original ATC design really needed something. Here's the same ATC with just a couple of changes that I think make this design more pleasing to the eye. Change #1 - I used a Tim Holtz scrolly stamp to overstamp the sheet music. This adds visual interest. Change #2- I changed the placement of the brown German scrap border to better frame the focal point. Change #3 - I added red color to the "happy" definition. Now there is red at the top and bottom of the ATC which again serves to better frame the focal point. I hope this gives you some ideas how to upgrade your own art if you feel that it needs that elusive something else!

October Collage Stuff ATC Swap

Here's my design for the October ATC swap at Collage Stuff. The theme is "Precious Pets." It's simple! The background is some Seven Gypsies paper. I tore some vintage sheet music and colored it red with some of my home-made Distress Ink Perfect Pearls Mist. The girl is from the Christmas Fun collage sheet. I colored the flowers in the girl's hair with a red Spica glitter pen. I put the Brown Tiny Flower German scrap border at the left side and top. I added a jewel heart brad. I scanned in an old dictionary page to get the definition of happy. I printed this out and applied it at the bottom of the ATC. I used a black Copic marker to go around the edges of the ATC. If had more time this morning, I'm sure these ATC's would be a little more detailed, but alas, this will have to do! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Calendar Cover

I host a handmade calendar swap at the Collage Stuff Yahoo Group. This is the second year for this swap. The pages are 4 x 6". I do the front cover and the participants do the months. This is the cover design for the 2011 calendar. I thought about putting something about 2011 on this, but I think I'll put the 2011 verbiage on the back with my contact info. I started out with the dots paper from the October Afternoon Modern Homemaker 8 x 8" paper pad. I got these papers in stock this week and they have been calling to me. The advertisements are also from the Modern Homemaker paper pad. The paper pad is retro, so I used images from the Catnip Designs Retro Girls collage sheet. Catnip Designs collage sheets are exclusive to Collage Stuff and I love them! I glued down the ads, then the girl, then the car. I highlighted each image with a Spica Glitter Pen - either red or blue. I added the Collage Stuff red vintage lace at the bottom with glue dots. I put a Collage Stuff Tiny Metal Rose on the girl's hand with a pop-up glue dot. The pop-up glue dots are very thick and sticky. Using Diamond Glaze, I glued down a Collage STuff Red Bingo Marker #2 over the children in the ad at the top right. I decided it needed something else. In Excel, I made a page that is tiny white and red checks. I printed it and cut the page into thin strips and glued those down in some of the empty spaces. The calendars will be bound at the top with a Bind-It-All. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New postcards!

A couple of simple postcard designs. The first postcard, the Christmas one, will begin shipping with Collage Stuff orders closer to Christmas. The second postcard is shipping with orders now. The statue is from the "Enduring Love" collage sheet.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Simple Halloween ATCs

The September Collage Stuff ATC swap is Halloween-themed. I'm swapping the ATCs out this weekend. Last night at 10pm, I decided to make a few ATCs for the swap. I used the Making Memories Toil and Trouble 8 x 8" paper pack, Collage Stuff Black Wide Vintage Lace and some Halloween die cuts from K and Company. Very easy. Very silly. Very basic.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

September Skinny Book Page

As usual, I am behind on my art obligations. I just finished my September skinny book page today. I needed inspiration, so I went to Etsy this morning and perused digital collage sheets. I bought a collage sheet that has the large dress form images. The theme for this month's book was artist choice and boy, I needed an artist choice theme today! The main image is a mermaid dress form. I used some pinkish scrapbook paper and applied the white sequin waste with diamond glaze. The sequin waste kinda reminds me of a net (thinking of the sea here!). The victorian scrap roses, fish and shell are available at Collage Stuff. I glued those down next. I glued the main image down on chipboard and used pop dots to pop it up a little. I used one of the tissue tapes from the Tim Hotlz Symphony tissue tapes to frame the edges. Easy!
The colors aren't quite right on this photo, but that happens with photos. I used a printed light aqua scrapbook paper and overstamped it with a text stamp using a beige Brilliance ink. It's very subtle. I cut another piece of scrapbook paper to back the main image. I glued down the main image. I added Seafoam Fleur Border German Scrap as shown and then more victorian scrap roses. I also finished the edges on this with the same tissue tape. Try as I might, I always get something crooked. I worked on getting the border strips straight and they refused! Maybe I was seeing crooked? Another skinny book page done! Woo hoo!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Merry Halloween LFB

I hope you enjoy this Halloween art created by the members of the Collage Stuff Yahoo Group!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Queen of Hearts ATC

The theme for the August Collage Stuff Yahoo Group ATC swap is "Games People Play." I'm behind on getting mine done. I had to come up with a very quick and easy design to make at least 13 of these tonight. I used a Jenni Bowlin Valentine ATC Bingo Card. The hearts playing card image is from one of the Collage Stuff Postcards collage sheets. The woman image is from the Collage Stuff "Fabulous Faces" collage sheet. I used a Silver Royal German Scrap Crown and Pink Baroque Border German Scrap. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finished Covers for "A Merry Halloween" LFB

This is the final design for the front cover.

This is the final design for the back of the front cover.

I always make the back covers for the little fat books digitally. This is the front of the back cover. I scanned in the Orange Fancy Rosettes German scrap to use for this. The woman is from the "Witchy Woman" collage sheet. The "Fortune" background is from the Crafty Secrets Halloween Creative Scrap. The black flower was originally white, but I colored it with a black Copic marker. It's a Prima craftable flowers mini. The scrolls on the diamond background and the little ravens were added with my digital imaging software.

The background paper is actually yellow and black, but the color is washed out. All of the images are from the Craft Secrets Halloween Creative Scraps. It's a simple design!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Merry Halloween

At the Collage Stuff Yahoo Group, we're doing a Halloween themed little fat book (LFB) swap. It's titled "A Merry Halloween." I'm always behind on my art projects, but I have the design done for the front cover. Woo hoo! The front of the page uses two different Little Yellow Bicycle "Booville" scrapbook papers. I may size the two pieces a little differently for the rest of the pages. I applied the Collage Stuff "Wide Black Vintage Lace" next. The witch is the Tim Holtz "Retro Witch" rubber stamp. I stamped her on white cardstock with black ink. In person, it's more colorful. I colored this image with my Copic markers. The face is actually a light green. The tongue and part of the eyes are purple. The tooth is a bright yellow. The outer rim of the eye is colored with a yellow neon highlighter. I used Ranger "orange peel" Stickles glitter glue on the witch hat. After I put down the witch with Glue Dots Pop-up Dots, I realized it needed something else, so I pulled the witch back up and applied a Gold Spider Web German scrap piece. I printed the words off on my coputer and colored them with a Copic marker. I used a black Copic marker on the edges.

Here's the back. The background paper is black and white, but I used an orange Copic marker to color the white parts. The "treat" bingo card and "costume party" images are from the new Crafty Secrets "Halloween Greetings" Creative Scraps. The kids in costumes are from the new Collage Stuff "Trick or Treat" collage sheet. The little flower is from the Prima Craftable Flowers Minis. These flowers are tiny and white. I colored it with my Copic marker and applied some the orange peel Stickles glitter glue. I may move the text part around on subsequent pages.
Both of these designs are simple really. I have to make 16 of them, so I need something simple that's still fun.

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Halloween Collage Sheet

A brand new collage sheet for Halloween - "Trick or Treat"! Five different photos in various sizes of kids in Halloween costumes. Some of the photos have frames or borders that give the appearance of a snapshot.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skinny Book Page

Here's the August skinny book page. I had to get it done because I won't have time this week and this weekend, we're going to attend some Tim Holtz classes. The young man image is Elliot, from the "Elliot" collage sheet minus the fairy wings. I used some postcard scrapbook paper for the background, and added some Seven Gypsies tissue paper from the stash. I applied some tan acrylic paint to blend everything. I added the black/patterned scrapbook paper at two corners and tan painted them to blend them in. I found the rub-ons, calendar, watch and clock hand in the stash. Amazing what I can find in my art stashes. I like the way this page turned out. It flowed and was effortless. I wish I could say the same for the page with the girl. ACK! Three tries and this is what resulted. The background is two different blue/brown scrapbook papers and vintage text. I applied the symphony tissue tape and various paints - white, tan, gold, and yellow. I overstamped part of this with a scrolly stamp. I can nearly always come up with a background that I like, but then it's "what will go on this background?" or it's what I want to put on the background doesn't work. The girl is from the "Fairy Song" collage sheet. I added some gold french German scrap border and three German scrap butterflies. The little button thing under the flowers is a rub-on, but it was so old (found it in the stash) that it wouldn't even rub-on. I had to glue this on. I applied the white and yellow flowers plus button for the center with pop-up glue dots. Yippee! August is done!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Halloween Collage Sheets!

I love Halloween! Teri at Catnip Designs graciously created these two new collage sheets. They are in transit and will be available at Collage Stuff this weekend. Catnip Designs collage sheets are exclusive to Collage Stuff.

New postcard

The stash of postcards that I send out with Collage Stuff orders is getting small, so I designed a new one! This one is supposed to have a school theme. See what you think! The school is from the Collage Stuff "Institutions of Learning" collage sheet. The text is from a vintage school text book. It's kind of fun. The story was about an "ugly" Princess and the Prince who came to take her away. The photo of the school children is from the "Class Photos" collage sheet from Collage Stuff. Now, the "teacher", Miss Miller! I just got my hands on this image and I love it. It's not on a collage sheet yet. I added the bird and the corner vines with my digital imaging software. This postcard will be in two versions - an oversize version that I don't like that much and the standard size shown above.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Collage Stuff July ATC swap

I'm always behind on the Collage Stuff ATC swaps. The July theme was "Cemetery Imagery." I just took this photo and the colors are not right and I couldn't get colors right in my graphics eding software program. The angel is much more green and the sheet music is not white. The sheet music is old so it's more of a beige. I have green gems on this piece, because in real life, it's a lot more green. Oh well! The little angel is from the Collage Stuff "She's a Rainbow" collage sheet. I colored the bars on sheet music and the text halo with a Copic marker. I outlined everything with the same Copic marker. I sealed the ATC with some Golden Soft Gel Medium Glossy. The black outline was done with a black Copic marker. I need to make 12 of these!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back of Skinny Book Page

This is the back of the "Love" skinny book page. I started looking for love and nature quotes on the web this morning and found "Love is a canvas furnished by nature," by Voltaire. The background paper is shades of purples and pink. It's overstamped with a text stamp and a greem distress ink. I painted the yellow crackle paint all around the edges in a haphazard fashion. I glued down two purple UK bus tickets, followed by the floral and child Victorian scraps. I highlighted several small portions of the scrap with purple glitter glue. The person with the "love" theme also likes leaves, so I added three pieces of May Arts green leaf trim at the top left. I printed the words out on my computer and colored them with a yellow Copic marker.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Skinny Book Page with Additions

I started looking at the page I had done (previous post) and decided it was lacking. So I added some more stuff. I added the "Paris" and "city of". I added the brown lace across the bottom. I like this better! I didn't mention this before, but I used Copic markers to color the images. I think still fits in the with the "love" theme. It's my interpretation at least!

July Skinny Book Page

I'm behind this month on my skinny book page. The usual! The theme for this page is "love" - not my favorite theme, but that's neither here nor there. This page uses images from the "Silent Guardians", "Happy Together", and "Vintage Paris" collage sheets. There's an ornate plate with an adage ticket "love".

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Three at CHA

I am back in Houston, blogging from home. Today, I went to my Crafty Secrets class at 7am. ACK! The class was full. Everyone was sorta bleary eyed, but we had fun.
This is a simple card we made using the new set of bird stamps. It has several tiny birds, some words and 3 different bird cages. I love this stamp set. It's on order. Have you seen the Crafty Secrets shadow box kits? The shadow box is an Acc-Cut die. This photo shows the project flat on the table. We used the new Sewing Creative Scraps and the new Material Girl stamp set. I know I ordered the stamps and I hope I ordered the Creative Scraps. I have a dozen of these kits with the Altered Fairy Creative Scraps.

Here's a close-up of the left-side.

Here's a close-up of the middle page.

And here is the right side. The little needle packet actually opens up and there is a little piece of felt with straight pins.
These shadow box kits are actually class kits, so the instructions are OK, but not exactly step by step. They are EASY to put together, just crease on the folds that are made when the cardstock is die cut and apply some adhesive.
So this concludes my CHA diary. I've ordered many products that I haven't shown. Things will arrive in the store at different times. Some of the Tim Holtz items will ship in September and October. The Stamper's Anonymous Tim Holtz stamps should be here in 2-3 weeks.
Thanks for following along!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day Two at CHA

Right before the show opens, a large crowd of people wait for the doors to be opened. Before the show begins, a local government official gives a little opening speech. I believe it was the mayor of Chicago today. I never really pay attention in speeches. I took a class this morning, but I don't have any photos. I didn't do much with the class materials.

I visited the May Arts booth, but didn't order any ribbon or trim today. I'm going to order online.

May Arts has so much beautiful ribbon that it's hard to decide what to buy.

The Ranger booth was next. Ranger now makes Perfect Pearls Mist. I love my homemade Perfect Pearls Mist, so I ordered 10 colors of "real" Perfect Pearls Mist.

Here's a photo of the Perfect Pearls Mist. You can't tell a lot about shiny things in photographs. One good thing about the Perfect Pearls Mist is that it retails for $5 if I remeber correctly. This is substantially less than other sparkly mist products.

Lucky me! Ranger also carriers the Tim Holtz idea-ology and Alterations. I ordered all the new Halloween dies and new texture folders.

New ATC blanks! Manilla, glossy paper, sticky back canvas in white and natural! Cool!

Stamper's Anonymous was next. I ordered all of the Tim Holtz vinyl cling stamps. I also ordered several of the steps wood-mounted - the retro witch, the retro owl, the witch hazel label and the sketched raven.

Stanislaus Imports! The first I asked about was the clock buttons. They will be back in stock soon. I ordered 2 gross of the two smallest sizes. They will ship as soon as they become available. These are magnifying watch faces in clear and colors. Too cool!
These photos are not the greatest, but this a set of watch faces. These watch faces have patterns or numbers.

Watch part "innards". Teeny tiny watch parts!

I'm not sure what to call this, but maybe a watch face dial? I thought this was cool. The Stanislaus employees asked me how I would use this. I spoke with the owner of the company and told him how they would great frames.
Advantus. I forget what these little Tim Holtz shadow box things are called, but here's one all decorated up. Tim's papers are in the background and tissue tape holds down the papers.

There's a new Ideaology embellishment called trimmings. It comes in 3 ribbon or trim styles to a pack in white. Tim has colored the trim all of the above colors with a mini mister filled with diluted distress re-inker.

Another photo of the shadow box things. I ordered the two smallest ones. I ordered all of the new ideaology - embellishments, papers, tissue tapes etc.

Crafy Secrets! They always have a large amont of beautiful samples. They cater more to the greeting card artist.

I re-ordered the Alice in Wonderland clear stamp set.

New Halloween clear stamp set.

I believe this one is called Banners and it was voted the most popular new stamp set on the Crafty Secrets blog.

A new birdies stamp set.

Crafty Secrets makes postcard kits. Each kit comes with several clear stamps, 6 postcard bases and other little ephemera and embellishments. Here's a couple of samples from the Halloween postcard kit. I ordered Halloween and Christmas styles.

Tattered Angels. I've been wanting to stock some of the glimmer mist. I ordered all 6 of the one ounce sampler packs. They have three coordinating colors plus a 4th as an extra sparkly final coat. The packs also have instructions. I like these kits. For about half the price of two regular 2 oz bottles of glimmer mist, you can try 4 different colors of the one oz bottles.

Maya Road - Ordered these little composite flowers. They are small. You could use them on ATC's.

Two new trinket pins for Christmas - green vintage pearl and light green Christmas or pine trees.

Melissa Frances vintage ephemera pack.
Vintage ephemera stickers. There are several different styles.

This is new Melissa Frances christmas paper pack. I ordered it in the 8 x 8 size.
October Afternoon - I ordered several of the 8 x 8" paper packs like this one.

October Afternoon has the large word card books that coordinate with the papers. I ordered some of these.

Another mini paper pack - Modern Homemaker.

October Afternoon wildcards coordinate with the papers. They are 2.5 x 3.5". Sold to me for you!

Alphabet cards - 2.5 x 3.5" vintage alphabet lovelies!

These two photos show two of the new Prima lines. I ordered the mini paper packs, small tube of matching flowers and matching pebbles.
This photo kinda says it all. Pebbles with Gems!

I went to Seven Gypsies and forgot to take photos. I tried taking photos from the catalog in the hotel tonight and they all looked totally yellow and yuck. The lamps have a yellow cast. I ordered some cool new Seven Gypsies stuff - mini paper packs, bird/nature ATC kits, mini ephemera packs, and all of the new rub-ons. You'll love all this stuff.
I had this post all done, tried to save it and the hotel internet kicked me off. My blogging software had saved a draft, but I had to go back and re-type a bunch of this. Since I did this twice, the second time I was a lot more succint and not so chatty.
I have a class with Crafty Secrets in the morning at the ungodly hour of 7am. After the class, I'll be on a plane back to Houston. Thanks for checking in and following along with me the CHA show.