Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back Cover for Vintage Paris Little Fat Book

Here are the digitally created back cover pages for the Vintage Paris Little Fat Book. I created two 4 x 4" digital pages, and print them out as shown. Then I fold the large page where the two pages meet. The Eiffel Tower images are from the Collage Stuff "Vintage Paris" collage sheet. The woman from the black page is from the Collage Stuff "Fabulous Faces" collage sheet. She was originally black and white, but I made her sepia so that she'd pop out from the page. The flowers are from a Collage Stuff Vickie Enkoff collage sheet. On the pink page, the women images are from the Collage Stuff "Beauties Faux Postage" collage sheet. I made the background in PSP X2.

Vintage Paris Little Fat Book

I'm hosting a Vintage Paris Little Fat Book on the Collage Stuff yahoo group. I am responsible for the front and back covers. Here's the front cover! I only have to create 19 more! I used a scrapbook paper from Theresa Collins for the background. I love crowns and this paper is perfect. The Eiffel Tower image is from the Collage Stuff "Vintage Paris' collage sheet. I've made it more black and white and sponged Tattered Rose Distress Ink on it to coordinate it with the pink theme. The flower is Victorian scrap. The woman image is one of my all time favorites from the Collage Stuff "Fabulous Faces" collage sheet. The woman's crown is a Heidi Swap chipboard crown (available at Collage Stuff) that I covered with stickles and glass glitter. The Collage Stuff pink fleur German scrap border is at the top and bottom of the page. I used the Acme Label Maker web page to create the "Vintage Paris". The pink poodle brads are on order and hopefully will be in stock soon. The "far and away" stamped image is made from a 7 Gypsies rolling stamp. I'm happy to have this design done.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day Three at CHA

Hi again! Today was my last day at the show. I've got a flight out tomorrow. Up at 5am again to make sure I had plenty of time to get to my 7am 7 Gypsies class!
See the red rectangle thing in the photos above? This is a new 7 Gypsies product. It punches two holes. It's either battery operated or you can plug it into the wall. It punched holes through our thick chipboard houses like a dream.
Here's a photo of the completed house book. The colors look washed out here. It's really pretty in person.

Pages in the book.

More pages. We added in the kraft pocket. It is actually one of those pockets for the photo carousel. We put gaffer tape on both sides. That covered up the pre-punched holes for the photo carousel.

More pages.

More pages.

Here we go with the sideways photos again. The autumn colored page: I like the metal page edging that we used to make the scallops on the roof. It's actually gold.

I could never figure out what the 7 Gypsies elastic things were used for until today. We used two of them in a criss cross and hung the little sticker off of them. Cool. See the ribbons at the top of the paper. We used these cool paper fastener things to attach the ribbon. We had to run out of the classroom and I ran out of time to take more photos. I could try to take more photos in the hotel room, but the lighting isn't so great.

I went down to the booth after the class. This one collage that they had on display. Enjoy!

We got this journaling kit free for attending the class. I like the new Gypsy Market papers. These are the papers we used for the book. We used the 6 x 6" papers. I tried to place an order for several things at the booth, but could never get anyone to take my order. One of the distributors I use carries 7 Gypsies, so hopefully I can get some stuff from them and if not, I'll try to order again from 7 Gypsies.

I went back to the Maya Road booth today as I was wandering around. Yesterday the make-n-take line was too long, Today, I got to be third in line. Here's the sample of what we were making.

Here's what I made. We used the new bingo stamps that I ordered. This also uses the chipboard hearts that I have in stock. The brown circle was colored brown with the Maya Mist. That stuff works like a dream to color cardstock. Just spray it on, let it dry and your cardstock is colored. They also ran this through an embossing folder. That's the big thing now. Run anything you can find through an embossing folder. It's fun.

The base for the make-n-take is a page from this book. We got this set free. It's a chipboard ring binder with several chipboard pages.

We also got one of the new clear acrylic keys.

I visited the Amate Designs booth. They had two colors of bright UTEE is a melting pot. The woman told me to pour from the melting pot into the pendant tray and I thought "yeah, right." It worked. After the UTEE sets up, you pop it out, put some jewelry glue in the pendant tray and put the UTEE back in. This was very easy to do and it looks nice. This same technique can be used for the Patera pendant trays that I stock.

I stopped back by the Product Performers booth today. The lines for the make-n-takes weren't as long as they were yesterday. One make-n-take line was way too long. I did make this little calender book. We used a bind it all (BIA) to bind it. I loce the bind it all. You can bind any size book and the current BIA will punch through thick chipboard - even matboard. There are acrylic covers too. I don't stock the BIA, but I can special order many items including the BIA.

I made this at an adhesives company. It is an acrylic block for rubber stamping. We put patterned paper on the back, added a photo, added ribbon and the flowers. We used several different adhesives.
I think attendance was a lot lower this year than last year. I heard some vendors grumbling that they hoped today would be better than yesterday. Today looked less busy than yesterday to me. It's home tomorrow for me. I had fun here at the show and thanks for allowing me to bring some of the show home to you! I'll let you know when the new stuff arrives. It will come in a few weeks to over the next few months.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Two at CHA - Misc stuff

This is a book that I got at the Golden booth today. I flipped through it while I was taking a break at the show today. It looks to be a very comprehensive resource for all sorts of transfers. If you are new to transfers, I recommend this book. The book that has the info about the faux beeswax and encaustic techniques is "Rethinking Acrylic" by Patti Brady. Patti thought we would get a free copy of this, but we didn't get a free copy. I'm not sure what happened. I probably won't get the faux beeswax recipes typed up tonight. I was up at 5am and I've been going strong since then. I will send the recipe to everyone that has emailed and a lot of you have expressed interest.
This is a little pin make-n-take from the Ranger booth. It used Claudine Helmuth's Studio paints and sticky back canvas in addition to Maya Road chipboards from the House and Home chipboard set.

I got a little postcard in the mail saying i could get a free stamp for Hero Arts. Here's what I got!
I stopped by the Prima Marketing booth today, but couldn't get a chance to speak to anyone in the booth. They were snowed under.
I also went by Stanislaus Imports today. I get the bingo tiles, tin types, Pearl River papers and tiny puzzle pieces from them. One of my customers wrote me saying that the tiny puzzle pieces are actually complete puzzles! I was so surprised. I told the guy at Stanislaus about this and he seemed surprised too!
I think I've just about spent all the dollars that I have for new inventory right now. I have a couple of places to go back to tomorrow and then I'll wander around. Oh, I forgot to mention that I went to EF Scraps and ordered a lot of their new scraps for 2009 - the Victorian scraps. They also have started carrying the German scrap, so I ordered a couple of them too. One thing is a set of very large gold birds.
The stuff that I have ordered will filter in over the next few months.
Tomorrow morning at 7am, I have a class with 7 Gypsies and it's a house book! What an amazing coincidence since I'm in a house book swap this year! I hope to get a lot of inspiration from this class and I'll post photos. I'm sorry that some of the photos aren't so great, but not so great is better than nothing!
Until tomorrow!

Day Two at CHA - Eyelet Outlet

Eyelet Outlet has all sorts of brads and eyelets. I saw these pink poodles and knew I had to have them. What went through my mind was a Paris themed project with a pink color scheme with a glamorous Parisian woman. These little poodles will definitely add a touch of whimsy to your art. They had a show special today, so I got a big bag of these spoiled cat brads for FREE. (Right, free! Nothing is free.) There are some additional colors. These brads will be shipping with your free stuff in your orders.
I couldn't get good photos of the rest of these brads. I took photos of the catalog page. I ordered in Eiffel tower brads. They come in silver and bronze. The crowns come in silver, gold and pink. I'll probably sort out the colors and sell them individually.

And fleur-de-lys in black and gold. I also ordered in some heart bling brads, but don't have a photo.

Day Two at CHA - Melissa Frances

Melissa Frances is the company that sponsored the bingo card book that I made yesterday. I've wanted to carry some of the their products for a while, so I'm happy to be able to offer some of them. The new products like the vintage word cards and bingo card books won't ship until May. Everything else should ship pretty soon. The vintage inspired word cards come in a boy and a girl set. They are both cool. They are chipboard and very vintage-y.
Here's a set of keyholes and keys. I'm in a house book swap this year (have to have the first page done by the end of February). These keys/locks will be perfect for my house book and your art too!

These are little picture frames, but I thought they would make perfect windows for my house book pages! It would be cool to cut some acetate or mica to make a little "glass" in the window. Or just use them as frame!
OK, here's another one of those sideways photos. (I'm shrugging my shoulders." I ordered these keyholes in the antique white and brown. Maybe I was channeling house books when I ordering at Melissa Frances

I have to have crowns! The set on the left is called something like the Queen's crowns and the crowns on the left are king's crowns? Kings, queens, who cares?

Last but not least, these cool wings and crowns and rub-ons. I used some of the Melissa Frances rub ons in the bingo card book class. These are easily the best rub ons I have ever used. I don't use rub ons much, so I'm no expert at applying them. These rub ons went on great and they seemed rather substantial - not really thin.

CHA Day Two- Stamper's Anonymous

I ordered in all of the new Tim Holtz Stamper's Anonymous stamps. Every last set. The set that has the 4 ATC sized stamps - I've ordered these 4 stamps in separately too. A cool sample tag using the fragments colored with alcohol ink.
Another cool tag!Here are the new stamps that they had up on display. I didn't see any samples made with the new stamps, so I asked. They said that the stamps are so new, that nobody has had a chance to make any samples. I'm sure they will come at some point. Since I ordered a good quantity of merchandise, they are happily supplying me with some additional product at no charge. Another give away at some point. They said these stamps would ship in 2-3 weeks. I may start taking pre-orders soon.

CHA Day Two- Nunn Design

Nunn Design products are great! They make charms, findings and the pendant trays and tags. Here's one of the pendant trays that I made in the class last night. Keep an eye on that image. You'll see it again. This is a mini square pendant tray.
Here's another one of the pendant trays I made.

Here's the third one. I cut up a copper string of pearls crown charm and put the pieces in different places. You'll see this main image below.
This is a new heart-shaped pendant tray. It's in the large size series. I only ordered silver.

I had no choice but to put this pendant tray ring on my finger. Note the paint on my hands from the Claudine Helmuth class. I couldn't get it all off. Probably if I had some steel wool or something, I could have scrubbed it all off. Like I said before, I wear whatever paint I come into contact with. I ordered in this exact ring pendant tray blank. I thought the smaller ones were too small. Be BOLD!
This heart pendant tray is in the grande line, which means it's large. It's gorgeous. Becky Nunn of Nunn Designs told me that she has sold thousands of these. I ordered the silver only.

This photo is out of focus, but I used some of these images in the pendant trays I made.

Here's the last of these collage images sized EXACTLY for the pendant trays. Why limit yourself to using them for pendant trays??? I ordered in 3 of each to see how they would do. I can always ORDER MORE!

Day Two at CHA- American Tag

American Tag has a bunch of fun stuff. I ordered in three things.
Here's another photo that uploaded sideways. They are called "designer" tags. There are 8. Ignore the white part on the photo. It's just there to highlight the images. I thought these would be fun to collage on and the vintage images are cool. They are inexpensive.

This is a collage pack of different tags. I think there are 16.

The last thing I ordered was three colors of blank raffle tickets. I got white, pink and yellow. The blank tickets are fun because you can stamp or glue what YOU want on the ticket.

Day Two at CHA - Maya Road

I love the Maya Road stuff and I've ordered in a bunch of new items. I had my order ready to just hand them today. I ordered everything that's in the photos below plus a bunch more stuff. I think it will ship soon.
Bingo card rub-ons! Let the games begin!
Cool crown and scrolls rub ons. These rub ons are a good sized package. Probably about 12 inches long by 5 inches wide or so. I can't live without crowns or scrolls!

This little stamp set is the cutest. Build a tree! Stamp the leaves out and add them to the tree. See the little bird at the top left. I ordered mini sheer birds in this bird shape.

I thought this stamp set was too cool. There is one stamp that is the body of the bingo card. There are 4 stamps that you can put at the top - bingo, love, faith, and dream. Then there are little bingo marker and crown stamps too.

Here is a sample using the build a tree stamp set. I ordered in a new bird coaster book, new trinket flowers, sheer clocks, sheer ribbon with a house motif, mini chipboard shapes that are new and I can't remember what all else. I did order enough stuff that I will get some free merchandise for a give away at some point!