Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Two at CHA - Advantus Booth

I have no idea why this photo is sideways in this blog. I've uploaded it twice and it's done the same thing twice. ACK! Anyway, this was a sample project at the Advantus (Tim Holtz) booth. You can see the new nameplates, and the new foliage items. FUN!

This photo shows the some of the new Salvage stickers. They said that these stickers fit on the grungeboard shapes.

Here's a not so great photo of some more of the new Tim Holtz stuff - tiny safety pins, tiny paper clips and tiny brads that look like screws at the top. When I say tiny, I mean TINY! I was surprised how small these things actually are.

Here's a shot of the new mini masks. They are very small when compared to the regular masks. We used these on a make-n-take. You'll hear the sad story of my make-n-take in a bit.

Here's the new bead chain. I was surprised how big this stuff is. Think giant (and I mean giant) ball chain. I didn't take a photo of the new link chains, but I ordered them too.

We got a little swatch book of the grungeboard. They are discontinuing the current patterns of grungeboard (stripes, dots, harlequin etc) and will be coming out with new patterns. They didn't say when this would happen.

So here's my sad make-n-take. I cannot stamp at make-n-takes, classes - you name it. We used this grungeboard shape, put on the masks (which weren't so great either, since they were used about a bazillion times), painted everything including the masks, then overstamped everything and took off the masks. Then we put distress ink over it all - that makes the masked part show up. Then we took a baby wipe and wiped most of the distress ink off. There are two of the foliage pieces used here. Then we got to stamp a letter using the newest alphabet stamps. This is where the Lisa can't stamp part comes in. It's a pitiful letter "L".

I ordered all of the new Idea-ology products and the new grungepaper. It is thin. It's just about like paper. We also used the new mini stapler thing on the tag. It stapled great on the grungeboard. I ordered in 3 of the mini staplers. I was surprised how good the mini stapler worked.

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  1. i can't wait for the grungepaper. BTW - I think your L turned out great. Me thinks you do protest to much - lol. As tiring as it is, it seems like you are having a good time. Keep bringing us updates.