Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Two at CHA - Eyelet Outlet

Eyelet Outlet has all sorts of brads and eyelets. I saw these pink poodles and knew I had to have them. What went through my mind was a Paris themed project with a pink color scheme with a glamorous Parisian woman. These little poodles will definitely add a touch of whimsy to your art. They had a show special today, so I got a big bag of these spoiled cat brads for FREE. (Right, free! Nothing is free.) There are some additional colors. These brads will be shipping with your free stuff in your orders.
I couldn't get good photos of the rest of these brads. I took photos of the catalog page. I ordered in Eiffel tower brads. They come in silver and bronze. The crowns come in silver, gold and pink. I'll probably sort out the colors and sell them individually.

And fleur-de-lys in black and gold. I also ordered in some heart bling brads, but don't have a photo.

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