Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Two at CHA Introduction

Today started with a class with Claudine Helmuth, "Mixed Media Madness". After the class, I was coming down the escalator and I thought "a shot of the lobby would be cool." By the time I got my camera out, I was almost at the bottom. Oh well! Lots of activity today!

I think I'll do several posts today. I'll start with the Mixed Media Madness class.

The first photo is a shot of the class materials. I picked the "warm" set of colors. We got several of the new Studio acrylic paints, some Studio gesso and multi medium, a mini mister, a sheet of sticky-back canvas and a set of the Studio paint brushes. I really like these paints. They are a creamy consistency and very pigmented. I also liked the brushes.

The second photo is the class project and a book that we got. It has projects using the sticky-back canvas.The third photo is a close up of the project. It was essentially a technique primer using the paints, mediums and sticky-canvas. On to the next post - the first one about my shopping extravaganza today!

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