Saturday, January 24, 2009

Classes today at the CHA show

Today I took 3 classes at the CHA show. The first one was a class with the Golden Company. I was thrilled to find out how to be able to apply a faux beeswax finish with acrylics to my art. They had us make a little swatch board with the three recipes we used. The photo of the swatches isn't the greatest, but the "yellow" recipe looked exactly like the beeswax that I have used. The photo is a little dark of the faux beeswax finishes.

If you are interested in these recipes, drop me an email and I'll send them to you. There is also info on how to age the beeswax faux finish. I'm very excited about this technique as I love the look of beeswax, but hate the mess. I'm a mess magnet. Today in this class, I got paint all over me. If there's paint anywhere near me, I'm soon wearing it! The class teacher has published a book about this and other techniques. I'm supposed to get a free one at the booth tomorrow, so I'll provide the name of the book tomorrow.The next class was using the Melissa Frances "Attic Treasures" collection to make a little book thing for photos. Here's my work space at the end of the class. I am a mess!

Here's the front cover of the book. All of the pages in the book are bingo card reproductions on heavy chipboard. I love this bingo card book! I think it was 8 pages. I'll have to see how much this is tomorrow when I go to the Melissa Frances booth. The following pages are some of the pages we created. I really like the vintage word cards. Melissa Frances has two sets - a girl and a boy set. I think I'll stock some of these if the pricing is reasonable. The photos are of the girl set.

The last class I took today was a class making the pendant trays. We used an epoxy called "easycast." We constructed our pendants, filled them with the epoxy and they are curing tonight. Tomorrow I will pick up my pendants at the sponsors booth. I'll upload photos tomorrow. There were about 40 people in the class and it was fun to look at everyone's work. We had to place all of our pieces in a safe space so they could cure overnight.
Tomorrow morning at 7am, I have a glass with Claudine Helmuth. It's a class about her new "Studio" line of products. Claudine always has good mixed media tips to share. The show is opening tomorrow! I have my list of must see vendors.
More tomorrow!


  1. lisa, CHA sounds like fun! I hope you'll add the Tim Holtz mini classic stamps to the store because these will be GREAT for atcs! i saw his sneak peeks on his site and can't wait to buy them :) else have fun at CHA and take pictures :)

  2. Thanks for the share! Your first class is amazing, and I would love to get the info you offered us on the faux wax. Have fun, and shop, shop, shop! hugz..

  3. OH yes yes yes yes yes.... make sure you get the new tim holtz stamps for us. Oh and get this fauz beeswax stuff and oh get one of everything. email me the recipe when you have time and enjoy the time of your life.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us. I love the book you started. I would like the faux wax technique also. Maybe I can use it for Paris!

  5. Thank you for letting me be at CHA vicariously through you. Enjoy yourself!!!