Friday, July 31, 2009

Steampunk Bracelet

I paid for this class and then got the class starting time wrong. I ended up picking up the kit. With a photo and directions in the kit, I knew I could complete the project on my own. They had beads at the class, but for some reason, didn't put any in my kit. I used all of my own beads. I don't have a lot of beads as I'm not a bead person, but I scrounged some up. Everything else is from Nunn Design. I'm not a jewelry maker and I did get a little frustrated in the process of making this, but I got it done! This is what the class project sheet had to say about the term steampunk. "Steampunk style is something of a cross between technology and romance. It reimagines the industrial Victorian era (often considered "the age of steam") in speculative SciFi fiction, art and fashion. Metal (particularly copper and brass), rivets, tubes, cogs, and gears are prominent elements in Steampunk creations. Picture the ornate contraptions found in Jules Verne or H.G. Wells novels: that's the idea behind Steampunk." I think many of the Tim Holtz ideaology items lend themselves to the Steampunk style.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jenni Bolwin and more!

I pre-ordered my Jenni Bolwin stuff online before the show, but went by to take photos of some of the things that I ordered. This is a photo of the Halloween ATC size bingo cards as Halloween ATC's. I don't know where the Halloween photos came from. They weren't for sale at the booth.
This is a photo of one of the large Halloween themed bingo cards all done up! I love it!

I also really like these memo notebooks. They are supposed to be journaling tickets. Not for me! They are a bit taller than ATC's, but can easily be used for ATC's. Rip them in half, use just the top or the bottom, etc. They come in a variety of colors. I like the matching stickers. I ordered these in red, black, brown & orange.

These new chipboard buttons look like the back of cabinet cards or other old photos. They have part of a photographer's studio verbage on each button.
These are my favorite new chipboard buttons - the vintage photo. The booth personnel had little bracelets made from these buttons. I made this photo tiny and it still uploaded horizontally instead of vertically. Whatever!
Nunn Design - I got a couple of new things at Nunn Design: a Christmas-themed collage sheet for the pendant trays and tray rings (the tray is on an adjustable ring that you wear on your finger) in a circle and a square.
This concludes the shopping portion of my CHA blogging. I've ordered lots of great stuff for everyone! Thanks for following along and please comment!

Leisure Arts

Leisure Arts has these ATC booklets. I ordered in every style they have. There are 40 per pack.

Melissa Frances

I ordered in several of the Melissa Frances applique sets. I ordered in all of these. Sorry for the sideways photo!
These cameos are gorgeous! I also re-ordered the crowns that I had in stock earlier.

This is a pocket and tag book. It has several pockets pages with a tag in each one!

I ordered these vintage word cards at the Winter show in January, but they didn't come in. I spoke with Melissa Frances today. The company has moved from Canada to the US and they lost a lot of computer info in the move. I re-ordered these today. I also re-ordered the bingo card books that I ordered in January. This stuff will ship mid-August.

Maya Road

I got photos of some of the new stuff that I ordered from Maya Road. I ordered in this cute bird clear stamp set and a set of owls.
All of these chipboards are mini! They will fit on your ATC's. These are houses.

Tiny birds, wings and birdcages.
Tiny wings!

I like these sheer calendars. They are great for ATC's, birthday cards and just about anything! I also ordered in the new trinket pins - black pearl, and pink pearl flowers.

Stamper's Anonymous

I ordered in some more of the new Tim Holtz stamps and took photos of some of the samples! I ordered in 3 of these birds wood-mounted. This stuff will ship in about 3 weeks.

Crafy Secrets

I hadn't heard of Crafy Secrets before. This photo is sideways again. Anyway, these are holiday journaling pads - Christmas and Halloween. They are full of wonderful vintage images.
These are called Creative Scraps and are available in several styles. There are 2 pages for each style. This is the travel set.

This is the calendar set. The other page has months and little calendars.

This is the "Girlfriends" set.

Domestic Goddess!

The Garden set!

This is a set of bird clear stamps.

A set of Paris clear stamps.
A set of Architecture clear stamps.

I can't remember the name of this set of clear stamps. I ordered a few other things. I liked the vintage images very much!

Brads from Eyelet Outlet

I ordered these spider and bat brads for Halloween. The little birds come in a variety of colors. I also ordered some butterfly brads in pastel colors.

Seven Gypsies

This is the artist printers tray. It's sized for ATC's! Here's the first example that they showed.

This photo is sideways again.

Here is some new hardware that will hang from whatever you like!

New Victoria tags!

New Victoria 6 x 6" papers. I ordered all of this stuff, plus some other tags, a set of bird stamps, and some rub-ons at a great sale price.


The Advantus booth was the first one I visited. This is the make-n-take. It used one of the new Tim Holtz word sticks and a Charm Fragment. We applied paint over the surface of the word stick making sure it went into the letters and then wiped the paint off the word stick. The paint stayed in the recessed letters. This charm fragment was made the same way we made the charm fragments at the Tim Holtz classes in Dallas. These are the new Type Charms. They look like you asssemble them. I think you could put other things besides letters in them.

Here's one these photos that uploaded sideways again. At the top, you can see the new Film Strips.

This is a snapshot of one of the displays. I ordered in all of the new Idea-ology stuff, plus the sanding blocks and replacement sandpapers. They had the Grungebooks on a good sale, so I ordered a few of those too!

CHA Summer Show in Orlando!

Hi everyone! I'm here in Orlando at the Summer CHA show. This is the second day of the show, but my first day here. The show isn't jammed and I like it this way. It's easier to walk around and look at stuff. I'll do several posts. I have a jeweley class tonight with Nunn Design - a steampunk bracelet!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Cemetery Collage Sheet

Another new Cemetery Angel collage sheet - number 21! This beauty resides in a Dallas cemetery. I put my meager digital imaging skills to use for this one. Available at Collage Stuff soon!

Friday, July 10, 2009

June House ATC swap

It's July and I'm just now working on my June Collage Stuff swap ATC's. I'm always behind! I made this house template for all of the swap participants to use. Here's how I made this ATC:
1. Covered the square part of the house with scrapbook paper.
2. Covered the roof of the house with scrapbook paper with words.
3. I stamped the house part with the Rubber Stampede Acanthus Stamp using Coffee Bean Brillaince ink.
4. I painted the roof with Tahitian Blue twinkling h20's.
5. I stamped the bird image from the Collage Stuff "Our Bird Friends" rubber stamp sheet with the Coffee Bean brilliance ink.
6. I dabbed some paint from a Ranger Gold Paint Dabber on my finger and dabbed it around randomly.
7. I glued on the cemetery image from the Collage Stuff "Enduring Love" collage sheet.
8. I thinned the twinkling h2O's down a bit and painted it on a crackle stamp. I stamped this over the main image.
8. I printed the words "cherish each moment" out on my computer/printer and cut them out.
I dabbed a little gold paint on the words and edged them with a brown copic marker. After I glued the words down, I painted them with the twinkling h2O's. I edged everything with the brown copic marker.
9. I glued on a Blue Metal Rose from Collage Stuff on the chimney with Studio Matte Medium (also available at Collage Stuff).

I need to make 15 of these ATC's! ACK! I hope to swap out the ATC's this weekend and get the photos of the swap ATC's posted at the Collage Stuff swaps page.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vintage Children LFB Front Cover

The due date for the Collage Stuff Vintage Children LFB is drawing near. I'm making the covers - 24 of them. Time for me to get busy! Here's the completed front cover design.
This is how the design started out. I tried over and over to get this to upload correctly, but it wouldn't. It's sideways. The left side should be the top.
Michaels had these 4 x 4" coasters - 8 or 10 for a dollar. Perfect for a LFB cover.
I'll list the steps that transformed the coaster into the cover.
1. I covered the whole thing with vintage sheet music.
2. I tore a part of a page from a vintage math book and covered about the top 1/3 of the cover.
3. I overstamped the whole thing with India Ink using the Acanthus Background from Rubber Stampede. It's OK that the stamped image isn't perfect as most of it will be covered up.
4. The butterfly images are from the Collage Stuff Flutter #1 collage sheet. The boys are from the Collage Stuff Angel Faces collage sheet. I sized them as needed.
5. The large butterfly was glued down first, followed by the boys.
6. I tore another piece of a page of the vintage math book - about 3/4" tall and applied it at the bottom.
7. I put a little piece of paper over the boys faces like a mask. I used my favorite text stamp, Le London Script by Stampabilities, with Brilliance Coffee Bean ink and overstamped everything. It didn't stamp perfectly and that's OK.
8. The fun messy part.... I finger painted the edges with Making Memories Manilla paint. I dabbed it on with my finger and smeared it. Then I put just a little on my fingertip and dabbed it around randomly on the cover.
9. I used the Fuzzy Numbers stamp by Postmodern Designs with India Ink at the right side and bottom, essentially framing the boys.
10. I cut a smaller butterfly in half - half on the right side and half at the bottom.
11. I smudged the cut edges of the butterfly halves with the Manilla paint.
12. I made the words "vintage children" at the Acme Labelmaker website.
13. I inked the edges with the India Ink.
14. I sealed the cover with Golden Soft Gel Medium Glossy. It was too glossy, so I toned it down with a Krylon Matte spray sealer.
15. One done! 23 more to go!
Some comments:
I find that I use my favorite rubber stamps over and over, even though I've got many stamps.
Even though you can't see much of the background in the finished design, it still adds interest and depth. Little bits peek through here and there.