Friday, July 31, 2009

Steampunk Bracelet

I paid for this class and then got the class starting time wrong. I ended up picking up the kit. With a photo and directions in the kit, I knew I could complete the project on my own. They had beads at the class, but for some reason, didn't put any in my kit. I used all of my own beads. I don't have a lot of beads as I'm not a bead person, but I scrounged some up. Everything else is from Nunn Design. I'm not a jewelry maker and I did get a little frustrated in the process of making this, but I got it done! This is what the class project sheet had to say about the term steampunk. "Steampunk style is something of a cross between technology and romance. It reimagines the industrial Victorian era (often considered "the age of steam") in speculative SciFi fiction, art and fashion. Metal (particularly copper and brass), rivets, tubes, cogs, and gears are prominent elements in Steampunk creations. Picture the ornate contraptions found in Jules Verne or H.G. Wells novels: that's the idea behind Steampunk." I think many of the Tim Holtz ideaology items lend themselves to the Steampunk style.


  1. Hi Lisa!
    LOVE your bracelet! Great scrounge job on the beads. Really nice job especially doing it all on your own!

  2. LOVE your Steampunk Bracelet that you made, Lisa!!! You did an amazing job!
    Hugs to you,