Monday, May 26, 2008

Last two arches for June

Here's arch #3 - Peirrot clowns from Paris. The sign by the clowns says "Imperial Pierttos", hence the little crown by the sign. There's glitter on each collar but it doesn't photograph well. This is another vintage photo that will be on an upcoming Collage Stuff collage sheet.

An art deco lovely adorns this last arch. I like the bright colors of the hand-tinted vintage French postcards that give us images like this one. All of the Paris-themed things are stickers. I've used vintage French text in the background and pink German scrap flowers.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

June Arch 2

Here's the second arch for June. I love the German scrap shapes! I cheated and used a vellum sticker for the wings. The text is cut from old sheet music.

First June Arch

Here's the first arch for June. Who knew I'd wind up with this when I started? I used a mask with black crackle paint. The mask part is almost all covered up. I scratched off some of the paint to reveal the blue and then used gold paint (to cover up the blue mostly and) to make the background look really grungy. Black ink over the gold paint added to the grunge. I like really grungy! The scary tree and ravens are from my Collage Stuff Raven Friends rubber stamp sheet printed on a transparency. I used tiny buttons at the bottom. I also used the drywall tape. I really like this stuff and use it a lot. You can paint it to get whatever color you need. It's also good for making tiny dots using it like a stencil. This has a lot of layers: paint, paper, and transparencies.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Canvas - Forgotten

Sunday, I bought a bunch of different sized stretched canvas pieces. Here's a photo of a piece I finished last night. It's a 3 x 5" and I've decided I really like this size. I also bought some gel with tiny glass beads in it Sunday and used it here and there on this. Probably the best place to see the tiny glass beads is at the right about 3/4 of the way down from the top or 1/4 of the up from the bottom on the right. This one will be listed at Collage Stuff for sale.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Two of a Kind Swap

Here's my entry for the Two of a Kind swap being hosted on my Collage Stuff yahoo group. The stamped images are all from the ATC Set D Vintagle Sisters stamp set. I used a black illustration board blank for the base.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gothic Arches

I'm participating in a gothic arch swap. Here are this month's arches!

The first arch includes an image from a soon to be released Collage Stuff collage sheet, bingo markers, and gold butterfly German scrap available at Collage Stuff.

This arch includes the Collage Stuff gold myrtle leaf German scrap, gold oval frame German scrap, gold medieval German scrap border and an image from the Collage Stuff "Vintage Children" collage sheet.
This arch includes images from the Collage Stuff "Class Photos" and "Precious Portraits #3" collage sheets and a snip of a vintage cigar trim label from Collage Stuff.

Tired of arches yet?? Here's the last one! I think this one is my favorite. The central image is from a soon to be released Collage Stuff collage sheet. The pink floral border German scrap and large singing bird charm are available at Collage Stuff.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Alphabet Book

I participated in an all original pages alphabet little fat book. I was one of the last people to sign up, so I was a little concerned about getting what I considered a "good" letter. The letter "F" was left. A good letter for me!