Sunday, May 25, 2008

First June Arch

Here's the first arch for June. Who knew I'd wind up with this when I started? I used a mask with black crackle paint. The mask part is almost all covered up. I scratched off some of the paint to reveal the blue and then used gold paint (to cover up the blue mostly and) to make the background look really grungy. Black ink over the gold paint added to the grunge. I like really grungy! The scary tree and ravens are from my Collage Stuff Raven Friends rubber stamp sheet printed on a transparency. I used tiny buttons at the bottom. I also used the drywall tape. I really like this stuff and use it a lot. You can paint it to get whatever color you need. It's also good for making tiny dots using it like a stencil. This has a lot of layers: paint, paper, and transparencies.

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