Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gothic Arches

I'm participating in a gothic arch swap. Here are this month's arches!

The first arch includes an image from a soon to be released Collage Stuff collage sheet, bingo markers, and gold butterfly German scrap available at Collage Stuff.

This arch includes the Collage Stuff gold myrtle leaf German scrap, gold oval frame German scrap, gold medieval German scrap border and an image from the Collage Stuff "Vintage Children" collage sheet.
This arch includes images from the Collage Stuff "Class Photos" and "Precious Portraits #3" collage sheets and a snip of a vintage cigar trim label from Collage Stuff.

Tired of arches yet?? Here's the last one! I think this one is my favorite. The central image is from a soon to be released Collage Stuff collage sheet. The pink floral border German scrap and large singing bird charm are available at Collage Stuff.

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