Thursday, July 31, 2008

CHA Purchases Arriving!

Stuff that I ordered at the CHA show is starting to come in. The new buttons (clear and micro) are already here and listed at Collage Stuff. The Jenny Bowlin stuff came today! I snapped a few photos for a preview. This stuff will be listed this weekend at Collage Stuff.

The first photo is Girl Icon Raffle Tickets. Somehow the photo is the wrong orientation, but you can get the idea! Second photo is a sample of the full size bingo cards. They are medium weight and come in a variety of words. The last is best! ATC-sized bingo cards! They come in packs of 6 and there are 4 different colors!

I just got some new German scrap in too. Some stuff for Halloween!

The first photo is a new style of the gold altars. I think they look very medieval. The second photo is of the new large swallows in silver. The third is the new scary cat German scrap and last but not least, black jack-o-lanterns.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 3 at the CHA show!

Today was a short day! I went over to the show for a couple of hours. I stopped by the Ranger booth to see what Tim Holtz was up to with his demos.

Somebody asked about the new Stickles glitter glue in Distress colors. Tim explained that the Distress color Stickles glitter glue are different than the regular Stickles glitter glue. The Distress colors are in a bottle with a larger hole to help discourage the hole getting clogged up and that the glitter itself is in a variety of sizes. The glitter looks more like glass glitter.
The first photo is a close-up of the two of colors on chipboard. The second photo just shows the colors on a display board. I liked the walnut stain, peeled paint and all of them really! I didn't order any, but will stock some of these later on. If I get enough feedback on these, I'll order these in sooner than later!
I saw the new metalic colors and white color of the crackle paint. Here's a photo of the colors and some samples. I think the reindeer on one of the tags is from the grungeboard holiday set. I didn't order the metallic crackle paints, but will stock these later on.

I went to the Nunn Design booth. They make the pendant trays. I found a lot of cool stuff here. I re-ordered some of the styles I already stock. I didn't know that they made charms. I ordered in some cool crown charms in silver and gold.
I asked if I could take a photo of this pendant and they gave it to me! This is one of the crowns I ordered in. The little jewel is not a part of the crown charm. This is made in the large silver rectangle pendant tray.

Here's a better photo of the crown charms I ordered in. The top one is coming in gold and silver. I already stock the left charm in gold, so I ordered it in silver. The right charm in coming in gold and silver.

This isn't a great photo, but I ordered these small rectangle tags in gold, silver and copper. I like the ribbed edge. I don't have a ruler with me, but I'd estimate they are about 1/2 x 3/4". The pendant trays are cast pewter. These tags are stamped brass, so they are much less expensive.

These large rectangle tags are also stamped brass and less expensive than the pendant trays. I ordered these in gold, silver and copper. Again, no ruler, but I think they are about 1.25 x 1.5" inches; a nice larger size. The last thing I ordered from Nunn Design are these tiny pendant trays. I got both the circle and squares. I got each of these in gold, silver and copper. I would guess they are about 3/8". I ordered in the Tim Holtz ball chains and jump rings. They will work perfectly with all of the Nunn Design products. These little pendant trays will hang off of the Tim Holtz trinket pins too.

This concludes my CHA adventures! There was a lot more stuff I could have ordered, but I had to pick and choose. Some things I will order in later on. I really enjoyed this vacation away from my day job. It's been fun focusing on Collage Stuff and just taking it easy! Some of the Tim Holtz items won't ship to me right away, but I expect that most of the things I've ordered will begin shipping soon. I already have the German scrap that I bought yesterday in my hands. It's going back to Houston with me tomorrow! It will be the weekend before I get a chance to get this new German scrap listed at Collage Stuff.
Thanks for taking the time to read about my CHA trip!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 2 at CHA in Chicago!

I didn't stay long at the show today. I browsed around a little and placed some orders.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from the Advantus booth - Tim Holtz stuff! I did a little make-n-take pictured below. I'll have everything to make something like this in when this order comes in.

This little pendant uses a muse token, two game spinners, one swivel clasp, one sprocket gear, 3 jump rings and a long brad. It's hung on a ball chain with a jump ring. I CANNOT make jewelry - can never get the jump rings to stay closed - but these jump rings are more substantial and even I could use them successfully! At some point, I'll make a little tutorial here on the blog with instructions how to make this.

This next photo shows what's in the new grungeboard nature and holiday packs. Some of the images are larger like for greeting cards and larger tags.

I ordered a gaggle of stamps from Stamper's Anonymous - from the Tim Holtz Collection. All of the new ATC sized stamps, some sets and some sets of the larger stamps. Here are some samples from the Stamper's Anonymous booth.
Halloween is one my favorite holidays and these new Halloween stamps are great. These samples incorporate a lot of the Tim Holtz products - grungeboard, numerals, fragments etc.

I met up with Edith, my German scrap wholesaler in the afternoon. We went out for a nice lunch and then to her warehouse! What fun! Of course, I bought a bunch of new stuff.
I'm not sure exactly what to call these little art prints. This is only a sample of the ones that I bought. They are light chipboard weight and are 2.75 x 3.5 inches. Each of these can be trimmed to ATC size. There are winter scenes for Christmas, some angels, children, Madonnas, floral art prints and lots more! They are perfect to use for ATC backs or to use for an ATC background. These little prints are well over 40 years old.

Here's a sample of postcards that I bought today. They are mostly scenes. Some of them are kind of risque - odd humor to my mind. These postcards are over 40 years old.

These swallows are rather large. I got these in gold and this matte black.

The cross, anchor and heart symbolize faith, hope and love. This scrap is gorgeous in person!

I am thinking ahead for Christmas. These little bows are adorable in red and seafoam. My photography skills aren't so great in the hotel room light. This is only a sample of the German scrap that I bought today.

Edith's brother and sister-in-law stopped by later in the afternoon. We had a nice dinner out on the patio. I also got to meet Edith's little doggie, Coco.

Overall, the show hasn't been all that crowded. I think that tomorrow will be even less busy. I'm going to concentrate on make-n-takes and maybe try to find a few booths that I've missed.

More tomorrow!

Friday, July 18, 2008

First Day at the CHA show!

I'm in Chicago at the CHA show! Wow! There are so many vendors and so much stuff to look at! It's hard to decide what to buy as there is so much great new stuff!

I found a vendor for the clear buttons - very reasonable pricing! They also had some brads that are photo turns.
I found the Jenni Bowlin booth and ordered several products: bingo cards, ATC-sized bingo cards, raffle tickets and journaling tickets.
Of course I went by the Ranger booth. Stamper'sAnonymous was next door. Tim Holtz was doing demos and tons of people were watching. Here's Tim! There is a preview of some of the new Tim Holtz Stamper's Anonymous stamps at the Tim Holtz blog. I'll be gettting some of these in. Claudine Helmuth was introducing her new line of paints and gel medium. She's also releasing a line of canvas sheets that are sticky on the back! Cool!

I went by the Maya Road booth. They have coaster books of just ATC blanks. They are on the way. They have some cool clear stamps. I got the tree/bird and the house set.

I met an online friend, Chriss Grabb, at the Tsukineko booth. We've corresponded and traded ATC's online. It was fun to meet her in person! Tsukineko has a new line of inks, "mementos," and they have Versamark ink pads in colors now - some sparkly.

Back to Tim Holtz stuff. Grungeboard is coming out in a holiday pack and nature pack. Also grungeboard books. The stencils are finally going to be released. Keyholes are coming out in the Ideology line. Tim Holtz fragments are coming out in oval and round shapes plus a set shaped liked tags. The tag shapes are all pretty small and great for ATC's. The crackle paint is coming out in metallic colors and white. I can't wait!!

There is a ton of Halloween and Christmas stuff. It's so much fun to try to take everything in, but impossible as there is SO MUCH to see!

More tomorrow!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Cemetery Angel Gothic Arch

Here's the last one for July. I used one of my favorite cemetery statue images for this one. There is a giant playing card in the background
and lots of scrapbook papers. There are gold acrylic paint highlights. I used the tiny gold French border German scrap.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More July Arches

I'm in another Gothic arch swap and for July for this group, I'm going to do cemetery angels. The background on this one is paisley scrapbook paper painted with aged mahogany crackle paint. The mahogany paint is highlighted with gold glaze and linen glaze vernis. It's overstamped in black. The door is a transparency from a new collage sheet that will be released soon. The cemetery angel is from the Collage Stuff Cemetery Angel 13 collage sheet. She's colored with colored pencils. I've used black sequin stars with tiny gold confetti stars placed on top of the black stars. Black pennant point German scrap border is used at the bottom edge. Black crackle paint is applied at the edges and around the transparency.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Last two arches for July

This arch uses an image from the Collage Stuff Adorable Always collage sheet, 7 Gypsies gaffer tape and lots of different scrapbook papers in the background. I distressed the whole thing using linen glaze vernis. I stamped the flourish and used Ranger antique linen distress embossing powder. I could not get the vintage buttons to stick with glue, so they are sewed on with black embroidery floss!

This last arch uses an image from the Collage Stuff Vintage Cuties collage sheet, a door transparency from an upcoming Collage Stuff collage sheet, birds from the Tiny Birds Victorian scrap, pink ribbon, and self-stick pink rhinestones.

Gothic Arches for July - the first two

Today is Gothic Arch day! I've got the front and back of one of my pages done. This is the front. I've used an image from the Collage Stuff Vintage French Ads Collage Sheet. It's a very stylized image that's soft and dreamy. I've enlarged the image and used different sizes of parts of it. it's actually an ad for a French perfumery. I've used glitter glue as a highlight.

Here's the back and I like this one better. This one features another image from the Vintage French Ads collage sheet. I like it because it's very bold and it has a lot of interesting elements. I used a giant playing card over on the far right side. Love those giant playing cards! The word September is 7 Gypsies gaffer tape. The German scrap border is the tiny gold French border. I like the image of the woman. She's very classy and beautiful.