Thursday, July 31, 2008

CHA Purchases Arriving!

Stuff that I ordered at the CHA show is starting to come in. The new buttons (clear and micro) are already here and listed at Collage Stuff. The Jenny Bowlin stuff came today! I snapped a few photos for a preview. This stuff will be listed this weekend at Collage Stuff.

The first photo is Girl Icon Raffle Tickets. Somehow the photo is the wrong orientation, but you can get the idea! Second photo is a sample of the full size bingo cards. They are medium weight and come in a variety of words. The last is best! ATC-sized bingo cards! They come in packs of 6 and there are 4 different colors!

I just got some new German scrap in too. Some stuff for Halloween!

The first photo is a new style of the gold altars. I think they look very medieval. The second photo is of the new large swallows in silver. The third is the new scary cat German scrap and last but not least, black jack-o-lanterns.

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