Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gothic Arches for July - the first two

Today is Gothic Arch day! I've got the front and back of one of my pages done. This is the front. I've used an image from the Collage Stuff Vintage French Ads Collage Sheet. It's a very stylized image that's soft and dreamy. I've enlarged the image and used different sizes of parts of it. it's actually an ad for a French perfumery. I've used glitter glue as a highlight.

Here's the back and I like this one better. This one features another image from the Vintage French Ads collage sheet. I like it because it's very bold and it has a lot of interesting elements. I used a giant playing card over on the far right side. Love those giant playing cards! The word September is 7 Gypsies gaffer tape. The German scrap border is the tiny gold French border. I like the image of the woman. She's very classy and beautiful.

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