Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Two at CHA - Maya Road

I love the Maya Road stuff and I've ordered in a bunch of new items. I had my order ready to just hand them today. I ordered everything that's in the photos below plus a bunch more stuff. I think it will ship soon.
Bingo card rub-ons! Let the games begin!
Cool crown and scrolls rub ons. These rub ons are a good sized package. Probably about 12 inches long by 5 inches wide or so. I can't live without crowns or scrolls!

This little stamp set is the cutest. Build a tree! Stamp the leaves out and add them to the tree. See the little bird at the top left. I ordered mini sheer birds in this bird shape.

I thought this stamp set was too cool. There is one stamp that is the body of the bingo card. There are 4 stamps that you can put at the top - bingo, love, faith, and dream. Then there are little bingo marker and crown stamps too.

Here is a sample using the build a tree stamp set. I ordered in a new bird coaster book, new trinket flowers, sheer clocks, sheer ribbon with a house motif, mini chipboard shapes that are new and I can't remember what all else. I did order enough stuff that I will get some free merchandise for a give away at some point!

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