Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Two at CHA - Melissa Frances

Melissa Frances is the company that sponsored the bingo card book that I made yesterday. I've wanted to carry some of the their products for a while, so I'm happy to be able to offer some of them. The new products like the vintage word cards and bingo card books won't ship until May. Everything else should ship pretty soon. The vintage inspired word cards come in a boy and a girl set. They are both cool. They are chipboard and very vintage-y.
Here's a set of keyholes and keys. I'm in a house book swap this year (have to have the first page done by the end of February). These keys/locks will be perfect for my house book and your art too!

These are little picture frames, but I thought they would make perfect windows for my house book pages! It would be cool to cut some acetate or mica to make a little "glass" in the window. Or just use them as frame!
OK, here's another one of those sideways photos. (I'm shrugging my shoulders." I ordered these keyholes in the antique white and brown. Maybe I was channeling house books when I ordering at Melissa Frances

I have to have crowns! The set on the left is called something like the Queen's crowns and the crowns on the left are king's crowns? Kings, queens, who cares?

Last but not least, these cool wings and crowns and rub-ons. I used some of the Melissa Frances rub ons in the bingo card book class. These are easily the best rub ons I have ever used. I don't use rub ons much, so I'm no expert at applying them. These rub ons went on great and they seemed rather substantial - not really thin.

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  1. GREAT STUFF! Love the Vintage word cards THOSE ARE A MUST!

    I can't wait to see in our emails the post that tells us that there is new stuff in! CAN"T WAIT!