Sunday, January 25, 2009

CHA Day Two- Nunn Design

Nunn Design products are great! They make charms, findings and the pendant trays and tags. Here's one of the pendant trays that I made in the class last night. Keep an eye on that image. You'll see it again. This is a mini square pendant tray.
Here's another one of the pendant trays I made.

Here's the third one. I cut up a copper string of pearls crown charm and put the pieces in different places. You'll see this main image below.
This is a new heart-shaped pendant tray. It's in the large size series. I only ordered silver.

I had no choice but to put this pendant tray ring on my finger. Note the paint on my hands from the Claudine Helmuth class. I couldn't get it all off. Probably if I had some steel wool or something, I could have scrubbed it all off. Like I said before, I wear whatever paint I come into contact with. I ordered in this exact ring pendant tray blank. I thought the smaller ones were too small. Be BOLD!
This heart pendant tray is in the grande line, which means it's large. It's gorgeous. Becky Nunn of Nunn Designs told me that she has sold thousands of these. I ordered the silver only.

This photo is out of focus, but I used some of these images in the pendant trays I made.

Here's the last of these collage images sized EXACTLY for the pendant trays. Why limit yourself to using them for pendant trays??? I ordered in 3 of each to see how they would do. I can always ORDER MORE!

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