Saturday, November 27, 2010

November Skinny Book Page - Tiny Dancer

The theme for this skinny book is "Grungy and Rusty" and the person likes vintage, doors, windows and etc. I've been agonizing over how to do this - no ideas period. So here's what I've come up with for one side of the page. It's called "tiny dancer." This page is 4 x 8". The background is a vintage French/English dictionary page that has been dulled down with some white paint. I printed off the red stamps, metal tag, window and fairy/flower image from an old Melanie Sage image CD that I have. I put the stamps at the top and bottom. The stamps at the top are all covered up. I dulled down the red stamps with white paint. After I had the stamps glued down, I overstamped with a Tim Holtz scrolly stamp.
The images of the school children behind the dancer are from the Collage Stuff Vintage Image CD #2. This is my favorite image on the whole CD. It's something like a proof sheet from school kids getting their yearbook photos taken. The image itself was damaged and grungy when I bought it. I printed this image on a transparency and painted it white paint on the back. I used gold brads to attach it to the background.
I cut the window image to the right size and edged it with black ink. The dancer is from the Collage Stuff Tiny Treasures collage sheet. This is another one of my favorite images. I cut her out of her background and highlighted her with a gold Spica glitter pen. She was glued down on the window image. I glued down the window/dancer image so that I could have the dancer stand on the "metal" tag. I added the flower/fairy image for a touch of whimsy. I decided the dancer image needed somthing, so I inked up a text stamp with blank ink, stamped off on a piece of paper and then stamped on the dancer image. I wanted the words to show, but not to be really dark.
At the top, I started out with two of the "metal tags" and I decided I didn't like it. I went through my vocabulary cards and found this one that starts with "fairy tale." I edged it with black ink and glued it down. It was too plain, so I took some German scrap stars, cut them down and smudged them with white paint, and put them in the corner.
The words "tiny dancer" were created at the Acme label maker website.
I think this is sufficiently grungy. The green letters on the vocabulary card echo the green in the leaves in the flower/fairy image. There's a hint of red in the flower/fairy image to go with the red stamps.
Tomorrow I will work on the back of this page. Not a single idea yet for the back of the page. My muse is hiding from me.
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