Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skinny Book Page

Here's the August skinny book page. I had to get it done because I won't have time this week and this weekend, we're going to attend some Tim Holtz classes. The young man image is Elliot, from the "Elliot" collage sheet minus the fairy wings. I used some postcard scrapbook paper for the background, and added some Seven Gypsies tissue paper from the stash. I applied some tan acrylic paint to blend everything. I added the black/patterned scrapbook paper at two corners and tan painted them to blend them in. I found the rub-ons, calendar, watch and clock hand in the stash. Amazing what I can find in my art stashes. I like the way this page turned out. It flowed and was effortless. I wish I could say the same for the page with the girl. ACK! Three tries and this is what resulted. The background is two different blue/brown scrapbook papers and vintage text. I applied the symphony tissue tape and various paints - white, tan, gold, and yellow. I overstamped part of this with a scrolly stamp. I can nearly always come up with a background that I like, but then it's "what will go on this background?" or it's what I want to put on the background doesn't work. The girl is from the "Fairy Song" collage sheet. I added some gold french German scrap border and three German scrap butterflies. The little button thing under the flowers is a rub-on, but it was so old (found it in the stash) that it wouldn't even rub-on. I had to glue this on. I applied the white and yellow flowers plus button for the center with pop-up glue dots. Yippee! August is done!

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