Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New postcard

The stash of postcards that I send out with Collage Stuff orders is getting small, so I designed a new one! This one is supposed to have a school theme. See what you think! The school is from the Collage Stuff "Institutions of Learning" collage sheet. The text is from a vintage school text book. It's kind of fun. The story was about an "ugly" Princess and the Prince who came to take her away. The photo of the school children is from the "Class Photos" collage sheet from Collage Stuff. Now, the "teacher", Miss Miller! I just got my hands on this image and I love it. It's not on a collage sheet yet. I added the bird and the corner vines with my digital imaging software. This postcard will be in two versions - an oversize version that I don't like that much and the standard size shown above.

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