Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paris Chunky ATC

I'm still making chunky ATCs.  This isn't much different than making regular ATCs.  It's just that the design goes down on a wood block.  I used some new "feet" that I got in stock at Collage Stuff.  I find these much more stable and sturdy than the dice I've used previously.  The dice do add a nice touch of whimsy, but make the chunky ATC sort of unstable.  I used images from Collage Stuff, Tumblefish Studio at and from Crow About Studio B at  The embellishments are from Collage Stuff.  The wood block is from Collage Stuff.  I took probably 50 photos to try to get some that looked like the real ATC in person and none of them are quite right.  It's much more vibrant and clear in person.  Try your hand at a chunky ATC!  At the Collage Stuff Yahoo Group, there is a chunky ATC swap going on.  There's plenty of time to participate!

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