Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Collage Stuff Calendar Swaps

At the Collage Stuff Yahoo Group, I host the ATC swaps and other swaps too, like the hand-made calendar swaps. We had enough participants for 2 calendars. This is the cover of the first calendar. I made the covers for both calendars.
January by Lori N.

February by Connie S.

March by Lisa R.

April by Dawn L.

May by Jan D.
June by Kelly H.

July by Sally B.

August by Linda E.

September by Lin C.

October by Shirley H.

Novemer by Marianne Y.

December by Vicky M.

Here's the second calendar.

January by Nessa M.

February by Susan M.

March by Debbie S.

April by Roxy F.
May by Heather H.
June by Lin C. (Lin took part in both calendars.)

July by Lynda R.
August by Martha Y.
September by Heather C.

October by Sara U.

November by Gina C.
December by Susan K.
A little more about the calendars. They are 4 x 6". Every page was hand-made. At least one Collage Stuff item was incorporated into each page. I love hand-made calendars. We'll do this again in 2010! Enjoy!

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  1. I absolutely love this idea of an ATC calendar. Each page is a beautiful work of art. Thank you for posting pics of each one. p.s. just found you from the webiste.