Saturday, July 3, 2010

Collage Stuff June ATC Swap

I started working on these ATC's last night and worked into the wee hours of this morning, to finish up 17 of these for the Collage Stuff June ATC swap. It has a Tim Holtz theme. I decided to use some of my Tim Holtz stamps. I used 4 stamps from the Urban Chic stamp set. To embellish the background, I used Maya Road Sheer Clock Faces and Hands and on some I used some Tim Holtz Game Spinners. So how did I make the background? Keep on reading!
To make this back ground, you need glitter sprays, cardstock, and pages from a book. Tim Holtz has lots of demos and tutorials at his website. Click on the link to see his Perfect Pearls Mist demo. I used the Honey re-inker and a gold Perfect Pearls in a Mini Mister. I sprayed it on cardstock and blotted it with a paper towel.

Tear up a book page into different sorts of shapes and use LOTS of glue stick glue on the back of the torn shapes. Sprinkle them around on your prepared cardstock.

Spray another color of mist over everything. I think this is Victorian Velvet re-inker with a gold Perfect Pearls. I blotted again with a paper towel.

Start pulling off the book page shapes. Lots of glue on the back of the shapes makes them easier to pull off. Little bits of the text will stay.

Get out some stamps and stamp with black ink. I used 3 different stamps from the Tim Holtz Urban Chic stamp set.

Cut your prepared background into ATC blanks - 2.5 x 3.5". Embellish as desired. You can use whatever colors you like of the Perfect Pearls Mist or if you have other glitter/shimmer sprays, they will work the same. Try my spin on the Perfect Pearls Mist. I think you'll have fun with it.


  1. what kind of glue did you use, repositional? love how these turned out - thanks for sharing - Vicky

  2. Vicky- I used a glue stick. A thick layer of glue makes the text easier to pull off. Repositionable glue would make sense, but I don't have any. I worked fast and when I blotted off the second color of glitter spray, I used a light hand.
    If you didn't want little bits of text left, you could even use masking tape as a mask. Thick text pages would pull off easier than thin ones too. Thanks! Lisa

  3. Hello Lisa,

    nice ATC's. 17 ATC's to make ? I understand why you worked into the wee hours !

    If you rip off the text paper, does't there stay some glue on the paper that stays sticky ? Or do you first let the paper and the glue dry very good ?

    greetings from Belgium

  4. Hi Inge-
    If you really glue down the paper bits, you will not be able to pull them back off. Yes, there is glue left when you pull off the text. Glue stick glue dries quite well. You can use a heat gun to speed up the drying process. I'm sure that you can find many ways to alter this technique into something that will work for you! You could also use masking tape as a mask or repositionable glue for the text bits. I like having the little bits of text left. Thanks! Lisa

  5. Gorgeous artwork! Loved your ATC