Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Postcard

Tonight I decided I should probably get to work on another postcard. - something springy since we're getting highs in the 60-70's this week. So what happens? The computer locks up and won't reboot. This computer is aging and getting persnickety. Pull the battery out for about an hour and it's recovered so far. We'll see how long this trick works. After I got the computer back up, here's what I came up with. I use text for backgrounds all the time. The woman is an image I need to get on a collage sheet. I added very subtle details - pink lips, rosy cheeks and a little eyeshadow using Paint Shop Pro. The floral image is from the new old playing cards sets at Collage Stuff - the Pretty Playing Cards. I scanned in the playing card and cut out the white background leaving the flower. I use this Eiffel Tower image all the time. I added the postmark, butterflies and pink swirlies with Paint Shop Pro. If I could have found room to smash "Paris in the Spring" on this, I would have. Think about using playing cards in your art for background collage elements- both sides of the playing cards. This postcard will start shipping with Collage Stuff orders in a few weeks. Enjoy!

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