Saturday, March 5, 2011

Altered Ancestor Front Cover

This afternoon, I finished my design for the Altered Ancestors LFB front cover. I decided it would have a postal theme. Why? I think because I like the new digital collage sheet, "Airmail" that's available for sale here at the blog. I like the images and wanted to use them.
The first thing I had to find was a postal worker hat and I found one searching Google images. I also found the postal seal with the Pony Express by searching Google images. Then, the hunt to find an ancestor facing the right way so the hat would work. First I thought I'd use a woman, but none of the images I used looked right, so I went back to using a man. This man is on one of the Collage Stuff vintage image CD's. I found the right man and added the cap and postal seal digitally. I colored the man's face skin tone and gave the shirt a very light blue color using Copic markers. This scan kinda washed things out. The butterfly wings are from a Collage Stuff "Flutter" collage sheet. The postal images are from the Collage Stuff "Airmail" digital collage sheet.
The background is a phone book page. Mail carriers have to know addresses, right? I found a clock stamp and stamped the image with red ink. Then it was just a matter of deciding which postal images to use from the collage sheet.
I printed out "special delivery" from the Acme label maker website. I highlighted the images with a red Spica glitter pen. I used red Washi tape around all the edges to finish it off.
On the back of this page, I will put something about the name of this LFB - altered ancestors. I ran out of room and couldn't put this on the front.
This is a simple design and that's good as I have to replicate it 14 times. ACK!

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