Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CHA Day 1 Crafter's Workshop

I made the sample tags above at the make-n-take table at Crafter's Workshop. We were provided tags, lots of their yummy stencils, paints, color wash, distress inks, and acrylic paints. They let us go wild with the supplies after a few suggestions. Of course, whenever I am at a class or whatever, the first couple of things I make are usually not to my liking. After playing with the stencils some more and gathering colors up, I came up with the bingo tags above. They are made only with stencils, distress inks, colorwash spray, white acrylic paint and copper lumiere paint. First I stenciled some big white circles with white paint. I dried those with a heat gun to make sure they were dry. I sprayed red colorwash or I could have used red distress stain or even a red distress ink pad. The acrylic paint acts as a resist. After I applied the red colorwash spray, I just wiped it off the white circles. Next I took the bingo stencil and used black distress ink with a blending tool. Next, I used the punchinella stencil (above) with black distress ink and copper lumiere paint. The stencils are very versatile and I ordered a lot of them! I think these stencils are great for backgrounds!


  1. I got a couple of stencils recently and have really enjoyed them. I have been waiting for Julie Balzer's designs to come out!! So glad to hear you got some Lisa. ; ^ ) lenna

  2. Thanks Lisa! It was nice to see you at CHA! Your tags came out great!! -Jaime, www.thecraftersworkshop.com