Friday, April 20, 2012

A Random Postcard

Last night, late, I decided it was time for a new postcard.  It's design is sort of random, but I like it!  I scanned in the image of the woman from a book page.  The book has several issues of an old women's magazine.  The title of the section is "Fair Women."  I don't know who decided these women were "fair", but below each photo is the name of the woman.  I'm guessing that these women were in the high society of the day.  I colorized the woman in PSP X4.  The quality of the original image from the scanned book page is not great, but it works for the postcard. I digitally created the wings and colored them in PSP X4.  I used a vintage photo of New York City for the background.  This photo is on one of the Collage Stuff New York City collage sheets.  Everything else was added in PSP X4 using brushes.  Brushes are fun!  You can size them, make them different colors etc.   Thanks for stopping by!  This new postcard will ship with Collage Stuff orders in the next few weeks.


  1. Ohhh, this is gorgeous! I really like the gray and blue combo and the wings you made....awesome!

  2. cool. Look forward to getting this one. I have 3 of the same so I'm ready for a new one too. hahaha.
    I'm glad to get any though. I love and use everyone I get.
    I love the vintage pic of new york. I still dream of going there someday. The lady pics are awesome too and the wings look great. I have adobe elements and still dont know how to use the brushes and all. I need to learn how to use those. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art with us all