Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quick and Easy Christmas Cards


There is a kind of long story about these Christmas cards.  Last year around this time, I went to Michael's and bought stuff on sale to make Christmas cards.  Two days later I was totally sick.  I think I picked up a bug while I was among the other shoppers at Michaels.  I didn't ever use any of the stuff I bought because by the time I was better, it was too late to make any Christmas cards.  I dug this stuff out this weekend and got busy.  I really like the Jenni Bolwin 12 x 12 Christmas paper that I'm stocking at Collage Stuff.  It's made into 4 different 6x6 patterns - perfect for Christmas cards.  I especially liked the December calendar pattern.  These are all very simple, but they are still handmade by me!  The Jenni Bolwin 12x12 paper that I used is on sale at Collage Stuff, so stop by and pick up a few sheets! You'll be glad you did!

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