Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stenciled Canvas with Acrylic Inks

I received my new Stencil Girl Stencil Club stencils for June.  The set is named "Crop Circles".  I wanted to try a technique I saw using the stencils.  I put a few drops of acrylic ink on the canvas, sprayed a lot of water on the canvas, rotated the canvas and plopped the stencil on top.  The hard part is waiting until everything dries and then it's time to remove the stencil.  This canvas has 4 layers of inks with the stencils. In between layers, I added text with acrylic paint and a stencil, but most of that washed off with the next layer of acrylic inks and water.  There's still a little of it left though.  In one layer I added some stickles glitter glue on part of the stencil.  It was a fun experiment!  Thanks for coming by my blog.

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