Monday, March 29, 2010

Back of Front Cover

I made a couple of different designs for the back of the front cover of the Silent Angels LFB, but this one is my favorite. I like to acknowledge everyone that participates in the swap. I made a list of everyone and printed it out on a transparency. For the green angel, I printed her on a transparency, painted the back with green paint, glued it to vintage text and cut it out. The pink angel is from a Collage Stuff collage sheet. I printed the whole collage sheet out as a transparency and glued it to pink paper using gel medium. Then I cut out the individual images.

I made the pocket by cutting a piece of scrapboop paper 4" wide and about 3" long. I folded it and set the page in it. I glued the part of the pocket that wraps around the back of the page and sides of the pocket. A very easy way to make a pocket.

I got the "believe" stamp for like $1 on sale at Michael's a while back. I like the K and Company 12 x 12 paper pads that have the double-sided cardstock papers that coordinate. They are perfect for a project like this.

LFB pages should always have something hanging off the sides or bottom. I decided to use wide vintage lace with a floral pattern.

I have all of my covers done for this LFB. I'm even done ahead of time! That's practically unheard of!

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