Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4 x 4"

I finished this February 4 x 4" page before the last day of February! Yay! This page was supposed to have a quote. I ran out of room on the front, so the quote is on the back of the page.

For the front: Collage Stuff products used in this design include the vintage English vocabulary card, large brass flying bird charm, vintage sheet music and a 4" round paper doily.

The construction of this was pretty simple - pretty much gluing all the elements down. Before I glued everything down, I edged everything with a gold Copic marker. I used some images that I acquired taking an online class with Green Paper Packages. I did tone done the white doily with some Sandal Paint (Ranger Paint Dabber). The Sandal paint is a perfect shade of beige as far as I'm concerned. I ran out of glue dots, so the bird charm is adhered with gel medium. Gel medium glues down just anything.

For the back: No explanation necessary - print, cut, and paste everything down! I printed the words with my computer, & colored them with the gold Copic marker. After the words were glued down, I highlighted them with a black Copic marker.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. gorgeous! (lucky me!!) Thanks again, lisa.

  2. very pretty. I'm gonna have to check out making a 4 x 4 collage piece sometime. Sometimes gluing down elements isnt always simple for me. I constantly move things around before I find a perfect spot for them.