Sunday, March 2, 2014

Easter Tag Swap

The March swap at the Collage Stuff Yahoo Group is an Easter tag swap!  Here's my first tag.  I purchased the background papers at Etsy.  I used four different Victorian scrap sheets available at Collage Stuff, 7389,7222,7408, and 7373.  The tiny photo of the girl with the Easter bunny may be found on the Collage Stuff Easter Greetings collage sheet. The Collage Stuff Red Border Label collage sheet is all blank red border labels.  I opened this in my graphics editing software and added the words "Easter Greetings."  This collage sheet is perfect to make custom red border labels. The brass nest with eggs is available at Collage Stuff as well as the white and red lace.  The 3.5" white paper doilies are also available at Collage Stuff. Almost forgot about the Red Fleur Border German scrap and vintage text from Collage Stuff.
I like to scan in the Victorian scraps.  This allows me to resize them and print them at just the size I need for my art.
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