Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stenciled Crazy Paper

One of the October projects at the Stencil Girl Club on Facebook is to make Fabric Paper.  I don't have any fabric around and didn't use fabric in this, so it's technically not fabric paper - more like Crazy Paper, I guess.  Get out your non-stick craft sheet and find all sorts of little leftovers.  Everything I put in this crazy paper, it's stuff that was laying on my craft table that was leftover from other projects.  You can arrange it all before you start, but I didn't.  I started at one corner and added things as I went.  Bascically, I glued everything together on my non-stick craft sheet with Glue n' Seal glossy.  I coated the backs of the bits, laid them down and covered the top with more glue n seal.  Then you just let it dry on the craft sheet.  When it's dry, peel it off.  I used clean up papers from making gelli prints, clean-up paper towels, leftover leaves, bits of book pages, you get the idea!  When it was dry, I stenciled with the Stencil Girl Club October stencils and acrylic paints.  This was fun!  I will cut this "paper" up and use it in my art journals.  Try it! 

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