Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fantasy Art Journal Page

I'm hosting an art journal page swap this year at the Collage Stuff Yahoo Group.  I had to make a replacement page for one of the participants.  Her theme is fantasy.  For the first photo, I sketched a face in the Jane Davenport style - sort of!  I didn't intend to have the pink drips under the eyes, but art happens!  I was using a Posca paint pen to put dots around the eyes and ended up with a blob instead.  I pulled the blob down and made the same paint blob on the other eye.  I rather like it!  The bottom photo uses Dylsuions stamps.  I tend to overdo on the backgrounds, so I painted gesso in the middle of the page and overstamped with a text stamp.  This way my "mermaid" stands out from the background a little.  Thanks for coming by my blog!

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