Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cemetery Adventures on Sunday

Of course we managed to make time Sunday morning before we left to visit some cemeteries. We found 4 and visited 2. This statue was in the front of one of the cemeteries. It was so hot and so bright, that it was hard to get good photos. I took over 50 photos of this statue. This statue will grace a new collage sheet soon!
I took my Pocket Edward along for the trip too. I was photographing an angel and looked over to find a Cullen headstone! I couldn't resist photographing my Pocket Edward Cullen in front of this headstone!
A "personal experience" was had in this cemetery. Walking between two headstones, a cool breeze was felt on our lower legs. This was interesting. It was hot - over 100 degrees with no breeze hot. We were baking in the sun. This reminded us of the tv show "Ghosthunters." What the Ghosthunters do is snap random photos when something like this happens. That's what we did too. We snapped random photos in the area, to see if anything would show up. Sadly, our photos did not show any ghosts, orbs, or anything else. We plan on making a return road trip to the Dallas area when it's not so freaking hot to find more cemeteries.
We found several wonderful angels, and Holy Mary's with Jesus - the kind where Mary wears the crown. I was excited as usually the points of the crowns are broken off, but we found two with perfect crowns.
It was a fun road trip to the Dallas area. The Tim Holtz classes were great and visiting/photographing cemeteries is my favorite thing to do!

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