Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Tim Holtz Class

I got back from the Dallas area tonight! I decided that I would blog about the first class tonight and blog about the rest of the classes later on in the week. I went to Plano, TX with my art pal, Heather C. She drove! Thank goodness as I don't know the Dallas area. We took the Assemblage of Flight class with Tim Holtz Friday afternoon.
This is how my bird looked out of the box. There were a multitude of Ranger paint dabbers. We used a paint brush to paint our birds.

Here's my very colorful painted bird. I wanted her to stay colorful, but she didn't. We were told to sand our birds. The sand paper was a course grit and I don't think the paint was dry enough. Most of the color was sanded off.

Tim had 3 stashes of stuff for us to use to embellish our birds. Tim said that he picked up a lot of the stuff in a Paris flea market.

These were vintage clock parts.

This was a box of vintage findings.

Here's my completed bird - view #1.

The second view.

A photo from the back.

Here are some other birds.

More birds!

Last but not least, here's Tim! He's a very animated speaker and this photo shows him speaking with some of the other class attendees.
There wasn't a lot of teaching in this class. It was more like we painted the birds, sanded them and then let our creativity take over!

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