Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vintage Children LFB Back Digital Cover

I decided that I needed to get busy on the covers for the Collage Stuff Vintage Children Little Fat Book. We have 25 people participating, so that means I have to do 25 sets of covers! ACK! These photos are of the back cover. I've created digital collages. The front covers will be hand collaged. I feel like it's a good trade off. Hand collaged for the front and digital for the back considering that I have so many to do!
I've recycled one of the Collage Stuff postcard designs for the front. The girl image is from the Angel Faces #2 collage sheet. The bird is from the Songbirds collage sheet. The flower images are from a vintage French book. The eggs are from the More and More Eggs collage sheet.
Now for the back. I scanned in one of the Jenni Bolwin Patriotic Bingo Cards. The boy image is from the Precious Portraits 3 collage sheet. The soldier is from the Snapshots collage sheet and he is my wonderful grandfather who is with the angels. The labels are from the Red Border Label collage sheet.
The Vintage Paris LFB was wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Vintage Children LFB.

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