Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Class

The last class we took was called "Generation Grunge." We started out with a Brackets Grungebook. We covered the pages with dictionary pages and vintage ledger pages. We used Claudine Helmuth's Studio Multi Medium to glue the paper pages to the grungeboard pages. We weren't careful about how we glued - the paper extended over the edges of the grungeboard pages. When all of the pages were glued front and back, we tore the paper off. Then we used the Sanding Block to sand off the excess paper from the edges. We painted some pieces of grungeboard with Distress Crackle Paint. We painted the grungeboard scrolls with Ranger paint dabbers. We were told to distress the edges of all the pages with a Distress Ink and a Blender and leave the centers as is. You can probably see that my cover has a very mottled grungy look. That's because I got the multi medium everywhere on the pages - on the front of the paper that I was gluing down. The multi medium acts as a resist when it is dry. The distress ink didn't cover the parts where the multi medium has dried. Next we added more color to the front cover with different distress inks and the blending tool. We glued down the scrolls with Glossy Accents. Did you know that the Adage Tickets fit perfectly into the backs of the rectangle Ornate Plates? They do! We attached the ornate plates to the covers with Long Fasteners. Tim and Mario had already die cut grungepaper in the flower shapes. They misted the flowers with a combination of perfect pearls, water, and distress re-inkers in a mini mister. We overstamped the flowers with some Tim Holtz stamps in black ink. We curled all of the petals under - not up - under. We stacked some of the flowers and used Glossy Accents to glue them down. We used wire through the buttons to attach the flowers to the covers. We painted the grungepaper hinges and attached them to the front and back covers. The hinges are purely decorative. We glued them down with Glossy Accents and also attached with Long Fasteners. We put an eyelet in the front and back covers.
On the fronts of the inside pages, we inked the edges and then added color with more distress inks and the blending tool. Tim showed how to use the grungeboard as a mask. We also used the grungeboard as a stencil - the part left over when you punch out the shapes. We had charms, idea-olgy things like sprockets gears, journaling tickets and etc in out kits. Nobody had time to finish all of the pages. I got one page about half-finished. This page has a journaling ticket and some pieces of grungeboard. This project was right up my alley, as I use dictionary pages and vintage papers all the time as backgrounds in my art. You can see where I got the multi medium on the front of this page too. There are places where the distress ink didn't stick to the pages.

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  1. Oooo.... I love these! Love the colors and I think the parts where the ink didn't get through the glue looks cool!