Friday, October 30, 2009

Front of the house book page

Woo hoo! The front of the house book page is done. It's not dry yet. I put the rock candy distress crackle inside the frame where the woman is. That's why it looks odd. Hopefully, it will dry and look cool!
I started out with some scrapbook paper that had postcards on it. I glued that down. Next I glued down two bits of vintage sheet music. I cut the butterflies out of some wrapping paper and glued those down. I overstamped all that with coffee ink and a new text stamp that I bought at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.
The lemon image - a friend gave me this one. I sized it and glued it down.
The woman image is one that I don't have on a collage sheet yet. It's a sepia-toned image. I printed it out and colored it with my Copic markers. The background was a dark brown and I didn't like it. The scissors take care of the background - snip, snip! I always like vintage text for backgrounds, so I used an old English/French dictionary page. I used a yellow Copic marker on the frame to lighten it up a bit. I glued the woman on next.
I used a yellow Copic marker to highlight/frame the edges of everything I glued down. I used a little beige-colored Golden glaze in a few places - squirted it on my finger and rubbed it around.
I used my sequin waste as a stencil with coffee ink to make the dots. So by now, it's all looking good except I have this blank space off to the left side of the woman image. What to do? I tried several things. Some of my ideas tanked. I was going to put glue three buttons down and have the rick rack be the stems - like button flowers with rick rack stems. It didn't work. I was going to put rick rack across the bottom and then I got the idea that you see. I drew lines with diamond glaze and stuck the rick rack down on the glue. Where the rick rack crossed, I added an old button. I thought it looked cool!
I smudged the edges of the house with coffee ink. Now for the woman in the frame. I could have gone with glossy accents to make it look like glass, but I didn't. I used the rock candy distress crackle paint. It's on thick over the woman's face and it's still not dry yet, but I think it will be OK. After it's all dry, I might take some brown ink and rub it in the crackles. We'll see.
I haven't worked with brown for a long time, so it's good that I was able to work in brown for this house book page. Lately I've been working with bright colors.


  1. Lisa,
    I think it looks great the way you swagged the yellow ricrac around.
    Keep up the great work!
    I love seeing it!

  2. I just stummbled across your blog and have to say that I have enjoyed reading.
    Love this little house and I am sure that the rock candy stickles was perfect!