Friday, October 16, 2009

New Collage Sheets

This first new collage sheet is called "Elizabeth and Friends." These images are of Queen Elizabeth I and others. They are from vintage tea cards. This is a low resolution image. The images are all clear on the full size collage sheet.
This new collage sheet is called "Pastel Doors 2" - not very imaginative, I know, but somewhat descriptive. This door is in a Paris cemetery. I made it different sizes and colors. The original door is the white one.

This new collage sheet is called "Pastel Doors". This image is also from a Paris cemetery. I refined it to bring out the scrollwork and changed up the colors. The orinigal image is not on this collage sheet. The original is dark and one of these days, it may be on another collage sheet.
These new collage sheets will be available at Collage Stuff this weekend.

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