Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back of Skinny Book Page

I finished the design of the back of the skinny book page. I guess I'm a mininalist as I don't ever really use a lot of embellishments. I'm guilty of making complex backgrounds that I don't want to cover up, but end up covering nearly completely. For the background, I covered the 4 x 8" chipboard with some patterned scrapbook paper. I added parts of pages of a German dictionary. I painted thinned down Sand acrylic paint over this and then I overstamped all this my Stylish Background stamp with gold paint. I tore a black and white image from the Altered London #1 collage sheet and covered it thinned down Sand paint, stamped gold paint with a scrolly stamp and glued it down near the top. The angel is from a cemetery here in Houston. I printed her kind of a navy blue. She was glued down and covered with the thinned down Sand paint. Gold Golden Glaze went over the top of everything. I overstamped this with two stamps with indigo ink - a text stamp and a crackle stamp. It needed more, but it was hard to determine just what it needed. What I ended up using was two items from the Gold Embellishments German Scrap at the top and bottom. I applied Sand paint to tone the gold down and added some light blue jewels. I applied the indigo ink to the edges of the piece.
It never fails. I cannot glue anything down straight! I tried to be careful gluing the embellishments down and the bottom one is crooked. Oh well!


  1. Both pages are beautiful, love the backgrounds and the colors.

  2. Awesome page! Very rich and lush!

  3. very pretty colors! I love the little bit of black crazing on the edge!