Saturday, April 24, 2010

Skinny Book Page

If you can believe this, I started this out thinking I would do this in greens, since there is some green on the statue. As I went along, I switched to the purple. This is what usually happens. I start out thinking one thing and end up with something totally different! The colors in this photo aren't quite right, but you can get the idea.
The angel is a new one. I photographed her about two weeks ago here in a Houston cemetery. This same statue was in two different places in the cemetery, but this one was older with more character.
This has layers of paint and glaze. I started out with green background paper. I stamped it in black with the Collage Stuff Stylish Background stamp. You can see this stamping at most of the corners. I got this piece of vintage music as a hostess gift in a swap. I liked the words "Send the Light." It went down next. I put Gold Golden Glaze over the entire thing. I use my fingers to do this - to spread the glaze around where I want it. I glued the angel down next. Then I diluted some Sand Ranger Acrylic Paint. I brushed this paint on the entire "canvas". I wanted the angel to blend more into the background. I diluted Studio Purple Palette paint with water. I stamped the paint with a scrolly stamp and a number stamp skirting around the angel image. After that dried, I went back with another layer of Gold Golden Glaze, but didn't put the glaze over the angel this time. I brushed the undiluted purple paint around the edges of the piece. The purple flowers I had were too bright. I brushed them with diluted Sand paint and gold Golden Glaze. I used a button brad to attach the flowers. The butterflies are gold German scrap butterflies that I colored with the purple paint. I moved the paint around with my fingers to get the look I wanted. The buttons at the bottom of the angel's dress are kind of like the hem. I didn't want to leave the bottom of her dress plain. I cut a little heart out of chipboard, painted it purple and dabbed the gold glaze over the purple.
The theme for this book is about dreams, so the colors are supposed to be muted. I guess this is kind of muted colors. I like this and I only have to please myself when I create art!

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