Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fly Away Back Cover

At the Collage Stuff yahoo group, we are starting on a new little fat book swap. The book is titled "Fly Away" and it is a bird-themed LFB swap. I make the covers for these books. The back cover is always digitally designed, while I make hand-made front covers. I used images from the following Collage Stuff collage sheets in this design: Angel Faces, On the Wing, Lovely Nests and the I Love NYC. I made the "fly away" at the Acme Label Maker website. Several elements were added by using PSP brushes - the crown on the bird, the gear around the eye and "branches" around the nest. I like to put words over lips, as though the words are being spoken. After I thought I was done with this, I went back in and added the words "dance on the wind".

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