Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cemetery Photo Outing Today

Today my friend, H, and I made a trip to Glenwood cemetery here in Houston. We've photographed the statues here previously, but wanted to go back. This morning it was cool and cloudy. This is the perfect weather for photographing the statues. When it gets too bright, the shadows become too pronounced. This afternoon, it got pretty bright and the photos weren't nearly as good. The first photo is of an angel that was new. I hadn't seen her before. She's really pretty made of sparkling marble. Note the heavy shadow. We got to her in the afternoon.

The second photo is of a woman that I've photographed before. She's up on a pedastel, so she's harder to photograph than a statue on the ground. I like the way the photos of her turned out. I think they have a very ethereal quality with the brighter light in the sky. If it had been cloudy, the photos of this statue would have been much better.

The third statue. This one has ALWAYS creeped me out. It's the eyes. It's much creepier in person. This angel is a male angel too. Kinda diffferent.

This fourth angel is one of my very favorites. She's up on a steep hill and she's hard to photograph. I kept wanting to step back a step and if I would have, I would have tumbled down the hill. I was disheartened as this statue had a lot of repair work done on it. I don't remember this many repairs the last time I photographed this statue. I think some of the damage might be hurricane related.
The last statue here kinda creeped me out a little too. I'm certain that the person this statue was modeled after was a perfectly pleasant person. I think that this statue probably gets up and walks around the cemetery at night. There was just something about it.
We plan on going back again when the weather is cloudy. There were several statues that we really wanted to photograph, but it was just too bright.
Soon, I'll make a new collage sheet with the best of the images. I snapped close to 400 photos today and I will get one new collage sheet out of the 400 photos.

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